I need to grow up..

spiritual maturity and emotional maturity is what I’m referring to here. I need You to mould me Lord. more of You and less of me. take away my pride, selfishness and renew my mind. grant me humility and a heart of generosity and grace to accept and give to others unconditionally. 

felt so ashamed that I have neglected the feelings of people I care about and hurting them with my words sometimes without thinking through properly. as a humanities student, i need to have more compassion and empathy. such things need to be cultivated over time, else I wont even be able to do social work or be in a helping profession. 

feels like 22 years on earth has not been well spent. need to do something to increase in the productivity. time flies by too quickly this year, ever since June up till now. i really am considering to start on vocals so if there’s anyone who is keen to learn with me, do let me know 🙂 and yes, cooking! been really long since I last cooked. the most recent dish I’ve made is blueberry cheesecake (okay actually its not really cooking because it’s non baked kind 0_0) 

really am looking forward to the Hols… after Nov exams have ended. but for now, gonna have to start mugging soon. like real soon. oh & I just got started on 真爱黑白配! mainly because George Hu (le husband) is acting in it. & J was raving about it so I was curious. funny plots and casts so yeah probably gonna continue watching it over the next few days before exam prep begins 🙂 

i really want to be the best me, to accomplish His purpose and be a vessel for Him. ❤ 


A perfect love <3

there isn’t an exactly perfect kind of love..except the one our Father in Heaven gives us as His beloved children. 

we can wish & hope that we will find someone whom God has meant for us…what are the odds of this happening? we fall for the wrong people, thinking they are God’s best when it’s only what we wanted all along. it’s not easy to find “The One”. But I’m not gonna compromise my Faith just for the sake of finding a partner here on Earth. it’s a blessing if we really have earthly partners. After all, in Heaven we will all be singles. 

& I came to the realization that we shouldn’t just be with someone who complements our lifestyles but someone who can brings out the best in us and help us to grow. it should be a mutual process. oh & the relationship should enjoy total dependency on God/a Christ-centered relationship. if we ourselves as individuals cannot be the best “us” for God, how can others be the best for us and vice versa, right? 

so, a perfect love does not exist, except the one that God sent Jesus to die on the cross for us. That’s how much he loves us. & that’s how we are able to love others, because He first loved us. 


Oktoberfest; Chunkfest 2013

well, it’s almost mid October. and once again, it’s 13th. im not sure how to count singleness/singlehood life. from the exact date of the month, or by days? hmm. anyway im really trying my best to move on from where I once was. on and off at night i’ll be thinking about certain memories that would trigger my emotions. just 3 nights ago, was chatting with Sherms about certain stuffs rgding rs and liking someone. & i started to breakdown over the phone. guys being guys, won’t really know how to comfort girls except to ask me to stop crying. .__. but i felt kinda better after that.. 

realised ever since I’m single, I’ve started to drink more often now. used to be sec sch gatherings in the past. now i drink beer, liquor and wine. So far I’ve tried Hoeegarden, Erdinger, Weissberg (Paulaner?), Pure Blonde, Budweisser. & Jackson introduced me to Moscato from wine connection, which i’m so in love with…that I went to drink Moscato at Oriole with bestie the next day! 🙂 on Fri night, I went out with Jo & Dy to clarke quay to chill. had a great time there! laughing at drunkards, listening to songs by live bands and even seeing people dance 😀 round 1 was cranberry vodka and whisky + coke. round 2 was budweisser which tasted refreshing 🙂 round 3 was cocktails- had malibu breeze while Jo ordered lychee martini and Dy ordered Caprihana or something (dont rmb the spelling). ended up helping Jo to finish her drink cos it was a lil too strong for her.  

went out with Ying tdy for movie + dinner 🙂 watched Gravity and it wasn’t too bad for a 90 mins show. felt sad that the other guy had to die and sacrificed his chance to live just for her sake… the ending could have been better though. lol. went to Acid bar for steak, truffle fries and Erdinger. somehow the dark one tastes thicker & i felt the servers were trying to flirt with us. hahah. ambience was pretty nice & there was a solo singer who resembled Alex To! love his voice 🙂 if my boyfriend had such nice vocals I wouldnt get sick of listening to him sing everyday. haha. or play the piano. always think that guys who are musically inclined are charming… okay anyway we were so full that abt 1/2 the portion of truffle fries was left untouch. walked down to TANGS for Krispy Kreme but the queue was closed 😦 what a pity.. so we trained down immediately for Chunkfest without wasting time. Almost got lost around the CBD area trying to find Promontory @ Marina Bay. we were given a pair of Ben & Jerry’s slippers to wear in the muddy field. every few seconds our feets will sink into the soft ground and get stuck. then we have to pull each other out. but it was so funnn. i wouldnt mind walking barefooted hahah. there wasnt a proper place to wash our feets so we used bottled water and went to the nearest hotel toilet to clean up. did something I nvr thought I would have done..hahaha. much to the dismay and annoyance of the toilet attendant. so we left hurriedly after that.so this pretty much sums up how Oktoberfest & Chunkfest 2013 has been for me. 

ps. I am not a hardcore drinker though I can drink socially..