A perfect love <3

there isn’t an exactly perfect kind of love..except the one our Father in Heaven gives us as His beloved children. 

we can wish & hope that we will find someone whom God has meant for us…what are the odds of this happening? we fall for the wrong people, thinking they are God’s best when it’s only what we wanted all along. it’s not easy to find “The One”. But I’m not gonna compromise my Faith just for the sake of finding a partner here on Earth. it’s a blessing if we really have earthly partners. After all, in Heaven we will all be singles. 

& I came to the realization that we shouldn’t just be with someone who complements our lifestyles but someone who can brings out the best in us and help us to grow. it should be a mutual process. oh & the relationship should enjoy total dependency on God/a Christ-centered relationship. if we ourselves as individuals cannot be the best “us” for God, how can others be the best for us and vice versa, right? 

so, a perfect love does not exist, except the one that God sent Jesus to die on the cross for us. That’s how much he loves us. & that’s how we are able to love others, because He first loved us. 



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