I need to grow up..

spiritual maturity and emotional maturity is what I’m referring to here. I need You to mould me Lord. more of You and less of me. take away my pride, selfishness and renew my mind. grant me humility and a heart of generosity and grace to accept and give to others unconditionally. 

felt so ashamed that I have neglected the feelings of people I care about and hurting them with my words sometimes without thinking through properly. as a humanities student, i need to have more compassion and empathy. such things need to be cultivated over time, else I wont even be able to do social work or be in a helping profession. 

feels like 22 years on earth has not been well spent. need to do something to increase in the productivity. time flies by too quickly this year, ever since June up till now. i really am considering to start on vocals so if there’s anyone who is keen to learn with me, do let me know 🙂 and yes, cooking! been really long since I last cooked. the most recent dish I’ve made is blueberry cheesecake (okay actually its not really cooking because it’s non baked kind 0_0) 

really am looking forward to the Hols… after Nov exams have ended. but for now, gonna have to start mugging soon. like real soon. oh & I just got started on 真爱黑白配! mainly because George Hu (le husband) is acting in it. & J was raving about it so I was curious. funny plots and casts so yeah probably gonna continue watching it over the next few days before exam prep begins 🙂 

i really want to be the best me, to accomplish His purpose and be a vessel for Him. ❤ 


2 thoughts on “I need to grow up..

  1. Break ups are opportunities for the soul to mend, for old friends to connect, for the beholder to know true love, for lessons to be learnt and so much more. What is love to you? Love is innocent, love is hatred, love is purely madly just love. It began so subtle and surreal that it almost seemed a fantasy, an alternate reality and thats when heartbreaks are there to wake us up, reminding us of the world we so dangerously lived in. Why the constant humane persistent in search of true love and happiness? Because love is life, if you don’t know love, you missed life.

    You will be well
    Cheers :^)

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