I’m back! 🙂 

Just yesterday, I went for a church wedding. been over 2 years since I went to one and somehow, the thank you speeches never fail to touch my heart. though I may not know the people well, I found myself tearing. God has truly blessed them with abundance. :’) really happy for couples who have managed to stay united and withstand the test of time, & most importantly building a Christ-centered relationship together. May God continue to extend his blessings over their marriage and that they will be fruitful and multiply. 🙂

exactly 1 week more before I’m flying off to the Land of Smiles. will be there for about 11 days. will blog more about my trip when I’m back. for the rest of the week, I’ll be finishing up some stuffs at work, setting the English worksheets for my trip, meeting up and catching up my pals. that’s all for now! goodbye. 



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