Mae Salong. Chiang Rai. Chiang Mai.

& so, I came back on 11.12.13 after spending 11 days in Thailand. 

the weather there was terribly cold, especially the first 5 days way high up in the mountain regions, at Mae Salong. 

accomodation there was really cheap but the stay left much to be desired- heater broke down several times and my colleagues had to bathe cold water in the cold weather. and the bed was really hard so it took quite a while to fall asleep every night.

our teaching was from 4.30-8pm so every morning before that, we would walk by foot around to the tourist attractions to explore what Mae Salong has to offer. did a lot of walking so that makes up for the lack of running. usually after lunch we will rest for a couple of hours before walking to the school to teach. teaching for 3 days was a humbling experience. the students there are so well mannered, polite and hungry for knowledge. it was such a joy teaching them albeit a short stint. would have loved to stay on longer to teach because 3 days really aint enough.. what we went through were still the basics… so much more for them to learn. hope that i’ll have the opportunity to go back there again some day. Xing Hua School, you rock! 🙂 

on the last day of our teaching, the principal invited us to the VIP hosting room to sing Karaoke and eat hotpot with him and a few other teachers. drank Singha beer for the first time and felt it tasted good! stayed there till 12+ am (which is 1am sg timing) before we went back to our guesthouse. 

took a 2 hours+ car ride to Chiang Rai the next morning. the weather was more comfy than the mountains. fell in love with the resort that we stayed in though it was quite a distance away. it was a major contrast from our guesthouse stay because over here, there were bathrobes, slippers, hair dryer, fridge that resembles a smeg fridge, rain shower, super comfy beds with 2 pillows each, ample power charging for our phones, tv with more eng channels, drying rack for us to hang our clothes to dry. so on our first day, we walked out to Big C and Central Plaza. bought my hello kitty from Macs (yes! they have it there now 🙂 and it so happened to be the King’s bday cum father’s day so it was a public holiday. there were fireworks…a welcoming sight indeed. 

on our second day at Chiang Rai, we went for a day trip. explored most areas of chiang rai. on the 3rd day, my colleague fell sick so we rested in our resort for abt half a day till late afternoon, then headed out for the weekend market and walking street. spent quite some time there buying gifts/souvenirs. 

checked out on the 8th of dec and took a 3 hours + car ride to Chiang Mai. this hotel looked not too bad on the outside but our hotel room wasnt really how we expected it to be. in fact, we agreed the resort was better. but this hotel’s breakfast was better in terms of variety. had 2 rounds of breakfast in the morning usually, before we went back to our rooms to sleep. checked in early to the hotel room, then took a tuk tuk out for Mango Tango. spent quite a while walking around that area before we went back to our hotel after dinner, then walked to the walking street which was their Sunday Market. reached back at 11+ and bought more souvenirs. hahaha. on the subsequent other days we went to visit several temples, shopping complexes, the night bazaar nearby our hotel, a cultural night dinner trip to the cultural centre and of course foot massage + back, shoulder and head. that more or less sums up our trip! 🙂 

during this trip, was quite thankful for God’s protection over us. and i also had the chance to re-evaluate my life, missing my loved ones, my friends and everything that i was comfortable with back in sg. now that im back, im missing the things i experienced in thailand. would i go back there again? maybe explore other parts of thailand like Koh Samui, Phi Phi, and Hatyai. if time permits maybe bkk in june or dec. 

next trip: Australia. 🙂 




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