Short trips

so this week was one of the most happening week of my Hols ever since I came back from Thailand last week. went to JB for Hello Kitty Land, little big club and thomas & friends on Monday with bestie. On tues, went for my hair treatment apptment, and movie (Frozen which is quite nice! 🙂 + dinner with dine and jm. wed, met up with my NIE coursemate for brunch at Wild Honey, went to get my classic pedicure done, met ah fang for dinner at westgate. spent the whole day at Legoland Msia + JPO today. tmrw will be gym workout day + sec sch xmas dinner gathering. 

verdict of hkt land: 7/10 (would be fun for kids) | little big club: 5/10 (can’t comment much since only played bball there) | thomas & friends: 8/10 (most rides are catered to kids so not really suitable for adults) would I go back there again? probably in future when i wanna take my kids there. 🙂 

verdict of Frozen: it’s such a nice and touching movie about the power of love. it’s really worth watching and better than Hunger Games if you love Disney movies. 🙂 

verdict of Wild Honey @ Scotts: nice ambience. our table was approached to try the Christmas brunch special. pretty okay, not that bad but slightly pricey. 

didnt really walk around westgate much so cant really comment about this. their Ippudo there is cheaper than the one at Mandarin Gallery for sure! 

verdict of legoland: a place for fun but not much adventure. mostly for kids… 6.5/10 I believe it will be better in future when more attractions/rides have been established. good thing is that we get an RM10 food voucher each (+ discounted tix since my colleague is a Msian.) 

verdict of JPO: good.. they are having sales in most shops. worth going. more shops will be opened somewhere next year so u might wanna go next year instead. 

okay that’s all for now! 


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