1st post of 2014. & this day also marked the end of 140 days of singlehood. Countdown at Shoppes@Marina Bay. Fireworks display was splendid as usual, & of course when it was spent with someone special, it’s even more memorable. One of the best countdowns ever ❤ There’s a saying that if you cross over from 2013 to 2014 with your loved one, you’ll be together forever. Not sure how true this is but yeah everyone would certainly hope to be together with their loved ones forever right? May this year be a year of love, joy, peace and prosperity! 😀

My New Year’s Resolution for the year: 

1. Spend more time with my loved ones and build a deeper/stronger relationship with them. This is my main focus of the year, to remind myself to have work life balance (between studies, career, friendship, family and relationship) 

2. Stronger walk with God. Will be joining JFN this coming Feb and most probably a DG/ ministry after that if God willing. Discipline self to do QT and complete the bible in a year too. 

3. Develop a healthier lifestyle. Intending to join at least 2 marathons for this year and workout more often 🙂 go back to dancing or take up a new hobby. (not sure if there’s time for such activities but I’ll try my best to fit it into my schedules) 

Alright that’s all for now.