Bday celebration part 1 with ♡ 🙂


煮炒 at the coffeeshop nearby our house with my family and ♡. First time that a bf celebrates my bday with my family all tgt at the same time so D and I were nervous at first but everything turned out fine after a while. Had durian empire’s pancake for dessert. 🙂


Cake cutting when we came home.. and the first time i brought a bf home. Hahah. My parents claimed they were embarrassed to let him see my messy room but i dont really care because loving someone means accepting even their flaws hehehe. Watched Robocop after that and its nice though i doubt anyone would want to have a semi robot for a father lol. Spent the last remaining mins with D before my bday ended so he was the first and last person I saw on my bday. ♥

I didnt set bday notifications for fb so not many people knew about it. Besides, I dont want people to use fb’s bday reminder to rmb mine bcos it isnt that sincere. Thank you those who have wished me on my bday. Really appreciate that you rmbed 😉 love you guys ♥♥♥


Im 23!

So I turn 23 today. Happy birthday to me! 😀 To be honest, ever since I was 21, bdays didnt seem that exciting to celebrate anymore. Probably do a 25th bday celebration before I get married, and one at 30 maybe. Okay still have several years ahead to think abt that. Time to make wiser choices and start having a concrete plan for the future. 

So i spent the eve of my bday making breakfast- french toast with maple syrup for bf which turned out to be brunch because we ate at 12+. Went to meet bestie for lunch. Had super yums dtf! But we waited really long at the queue till we both started to feel hungry. Had paris baguette’s royal pudding for dessert thereafter…. & its never enough for me! Hahah. we talked abt some grown up stuffs, her future plans and im soooo excited for her. Hoping for good news! 🙂

Went home for dinner bcos bf said he was going to meet his insurance agent for dinner at town. Felt sad that he didnt reschedule dinner to spend time with me (when he did say he will try to reschedule). ended up using the com/doing my pre-lesson online quiz. Then around 10+ he called me and told me to look out from my window. Apparently he was trying to surprise me but I couldnt spot him as he was hiding away.. took me nearly 5 mins to figure out where he was, at the carpark area. Hahah. He told me he had to bluff me that he was out for dinner with his agent just so he could collect my birthday cupcakes and buy my bday gift. ._. silly boy wanted to get me an ipad mini but because it was out of stock, he got me a pair of Coach sunglasses which was even more ex than the ipad mini! oh gosh >< . (Disclaimer: I never expected any expensive gifts from him, nor request that he gets me those.)  I’m okay with not having any presents.. just the company itself matters more. ^^ and of course a handwritten letter on a postcard from him which nearly moved me to tears. okay lah, maybe its because im just sentimental like that. hahaha. but after reading the letter I was like thinking to myself “what did I do to deserve this love? am i really worth it?” and that’s because i really feel happy and glad to have him in my life.. :’)

anyway, on a side note, I heart the 7 cupcakes!! Looks so nice that I cant bear to sink my teeth into them. Oh goshhh >< It was a semi “failed” surprise (according to him)  but i really felt so loved by him, in making the effort to surprise me. thank you ♡ for everything :’) really blessed. ❤ dropped off the cupcakes and present at home, and we went to Holland V. settled at CBTL as it was one of the few places that opened late and didnt serve alcohol (yes i know! i should be drinking but D’s gotta ride so we cant drink). Had my fav banana choc plus a slice of red velvet cake. got really hyper after that with the sugar overload. hehehe. so sinful i know! but just #forgetthecalories urghhhh. working out more after my bday week is over! 😉

Dinner with bf and fam tonight. Gonna have a simple zhi char dinner nearby our house area. Cant wait for this gathering heheh ^^,

Till then, cya everyone!