Bday celebration part 1 with ♡ 🙂


煮炒 at the coffeeshop nearby our house with my family and ♡. First time that a bf celebrates my bday with my family all tgt at the same time so D and I were nervous at first but everything turned out fine after a while. Had durian empire’s pancake for dessert. 🙂


Cake cutting when we came home.. and the first time i brought a bf home. Hahah. My parents claimed they were embarrassed to let him see my messy room but i dont really care because loving someone means accepting even their flaws hehehe. Watched Robocop after that and its nice though i doubt anyone would want to have a semi robot for a father lol. Spent the last remaining mins with D before my bday ended so he was the first and last person I saw on my bday. ♥

I didnt set bday notifications for fb so not many people knew about it. Besides, I dont want people to use fb’s bday reminder to rmb mine bcos it isnt that sincere. Thank you those who have wished me on my bday. Really appreciate that you rmbed 😉 love you guys ♥♥♥


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