so yesterday, we went to Bread Yard. wanted to have their all day breakfast set.. but unfortunately there was an event they were preparing for so the kitchen was closed and we could only order sandwich… decided to head to W39 instead, which was about 10mins away.

ordered the portobello mushroom, soup, and duck confit, and ribena lemon twist. food was pretty average and I doubt it was worth the price. Saveur’s and La Petite’s duck is much better! well, I was only looking forward to the pretty rainbow cake which I regretted not reserving first because barely halfway into the meal, 2 guys came into the cafe and ordered the last two pcs of cake. I was really disappointed that they did not have anymore of that cake left, considering that 6pm onwards is their supposed dinner time. urghh. the next time I head back there, it would be for their cake and maybe breakfast since its cheaper than the non-breakfast menu. 

i really really enjoy going to small eateries/cafes. & im on the hunt for good food at reasonable prices so do let me know if you have any recommendations! 🙂


been abt a month since I last blogged! have been busy with assignments. had two due last month, each within a week. went through lots of sleep deprived nights just to get them done. still trying to find motivation to do my assignments properly. meh. 

started going for JFN on the 2nd week of feb, after CNY week… for about 4 wks now. sadly, im the youngest in my group because I didnt revert my attendance to the pastor on time. and they grouped people mostly according to the age grp. but its ok because the pastor who is in charge of my grp’s pretty knowledgeable and grounded in theology so he explains really well whenever people asks him questions. 🙂

& something wonderful that happened like a week after my bday wk was that I’ve finally gotten my driving license 🙂 okay i dont really have road phobia since I havent started driving on the road…yet. someone get me a car please! have got the driving itch in weeks! urghhhh. wish my family owns a car. hopefully I’ll be able to get one next time when the prices of car drop and I have more financial power. afterall, cars are considered as liabilities due to the monthly taxes, instalments, insurance, parking fees, regular servicing etc. 

& this month is gonna be another busy month. busy meeting up with friends to catch up. cant wait to meet them after sooo long! & doing assignments and school stuff of course. less than 9 mths till I complete my uni course. I cant wait to go for a grad trip at the end of the year! 🙂