Ketchup with the homies! ♡

So on thursday, I met up with my homies.. Like after close to 7 months of not meeting them. I think we can do better than twice a year meetups guys!

Looking back, its gonna be the 7th yr of friendship with them. I didnt expect that our friendship would come this far because we were just grp members at TP’s pre o-lvl results release programme called TP Rawks. Yea the irony of it was that we ended up at diff. polytechnics. Nick went to SP, and quackie (JP) went to NYP. But we still stayed in touch through the years. & I’m so thankful that we can still meetup and I can be totally comfortable around them without having to worry about maintaining an image. & hear things from guys p.o.v. about certain stuffs. Yadah yadah. ♥

N’s gg away to NZ for quite some time. Tbh, I’m worried about him bcos im not sure how safe that country is but yet it seems so fun and exciting to do thos work travel thing. I’ll definitely join him if I didnt have to work. Well, probably would go find him in NZ during the June hols or something if im dying for an adventure. Hehehe. 🙂 hope you will be safe there k! Teach me how to farm and maybe you may just find some holiday romance there.

JP’s supposedly my fake twin bro & I love to call him quackie. No idea how that name came about though…cant seem to recall now. We somehow looked alike when we were much younger. Probably bcos of his emo hairstyle hahah. And he definitely looks much better than those days. Hansum, humorous, a great voice and single, he is up for grabs if you’re looking for a serious rs. (Quackie pls dont kill me! :x)

So thats just a brief introduction abt these two gd friends in my life.. sorry no pics up here bcos they dont really like to take pics. You can ask me more abt them personally if you are interested in getting to know them. LOL.

people you love will end up hurting you. so why love them in the first place? 

sometimes I wonder how much is my capacity to love. I dont know why I’m able to love so much when the ones I love end up disappointing me time over time again. then I become so tired that I tell myself I dont want to love them already. but I still do love them, and I love them even more than before the disappointments. this is such a vicious cycle that Im unable to extricate myself out of. 

probably I just need to love myself more, so I wont have the capacity to love and get disappointed. yeah, i need more “me” time for myself. manicures/pedicures, chilling at a cafe with a book in hand, cuddle with a craftholic doll and hug it to sleep (yeah I really need to lay my hands on one soon), cook up new dishes and try new recipes, just do things that can be done without other people around. because im used to independence. 

even now after being in a rs for 3 mths, it still feels like as if im single though I’m attached. not sure if this is supposed to be considered a good thing bcos my bf’s really liberal. I havent met someone as liberal as him yet up till date so it will definitely takes time for me to adjust to this liberal r/s kinda thing… somehow after my previous rs, I’ve sort of lost the confidence to love someone. yes I may love now but i constantly have self-doubts abt what kind of love this is… an unconditional one that i give selflessly without expecting anything in return, or a love that is willing to settle for something like a bottle drifting aimlessly in the ocean. to be honest, I dont know. loving comes with a risk, and I’ve plunged into that risk without being certain of what to expect, apart from enjoying spending time together. what risk? its the risk that your heart may be broken. would you want to invest in such a love?