this month seems to be passing pretty quickly. probably due to exams, studying etc. One more upcoming paper next week and I’m done with the 3 papers for this semester. 

lately I’ve been having dreams of the same person appearing in it. & the most recent one was that in my dream i was crying. when I woke up it felt as if I was in a living nightmare. somehow I just dream of things that has already happened in real life and it scares me because my dreams are usually at least 75% accurate. ): 

it’s been nearly a month now but somehow I still feel fixated at this juncture. im not sure how long it’s going to take me to move on because I get easily affected by what I see or derive from social media. doesn’t help that I think a lot. & ive been thinking that “maybe we should try and this r/s may just work out” was all along just an understatement. I gave up on the opportunity for something even better [a r/s that could have a stronger potential than the above understatement I’d mentioned earlier], for this v short term r/s [which was supposedly to last abt 1-2 years]. my only consolation is that things ended before feelings were stronger and deeper, and I saw through the flawed and ugliness of a person’s nature which took less than 6 months to be revealed. yes i admit I am flawed too. not that im superior in character… im still learning to be a better person. a stronger me. after surviving from 2 breakups within the span of 8 months. 

okay anyway seriousness aside, I’ve made a couple of new friends recently.. really thankful that they have been offering me their listening ear and trying to distract me from thinking too much about the past. 

just cant wait for exams to be over so I can go wild and drink to my heart’s content 🙂


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