random thoughts…

im not a social butterfly. but im trying to step out, widen my social network and get to know more people. 

yes im still young, and i should be having fun. however my mindset seems to be older than my current age. sometimes I wonder whether i’ve matured fast because of my upbringing. 😮

at times i feel that my life is so meaningless but when I rmb the ppl around me, who need care and concern; I know I have to be even stronger so that I can be there for them and shine a light into their paths. it’s all about making a difference in their lives isn’t it? 


“the future” often pops up in my head. i have backup plans if I do not settle down by a certain age. so what? I can do even more things for Him. Life doesn’t just end when things dont go our way, for His ways are higher than our ways. 

im afraid to fall in love again cos I’m not sure if I’m ready to risk my heart being broken once more. I don’t think my heart is strong enough to take it. not at least for now. so even if I meet someone who may be a potential partner in future, I would not make my feelings open to them. if they were to find someone suitable for them in the meanwhile then I can’t say they wont have my blessings right? I believe that things will happen at God’s timing, if it’s according to His will, His plans and His purpose. Good things are worth the wait so whatever comes my way I will just humbly accept it. 



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