12.25am right now. & im supposed to be in bed…

I miss Australia. & I certainly long to be back there again. Even stay there for good if I could. I’m serious. 🙂

The people there are so nice and friendly.. & I get enticed by the supermarkets there. really a wide range of food stuffs. even making my cheesecake there would be good! heehee.

sch hols are almost ending soon.. which means im saying goodbye to my alma mater too. 😥 will definitely miss it.

ogay time to sleep now.


results were out as well. did better than expected and it’s my best results/GPA throughout my entire uni life thus far. Just one more sem to go and I’m hoping to maintain my grades or do even better than this. 😀 All glory and praise be to the Lord!

the breakup happened at the wrong timing. but it certainly made me realise one thing- that I’m stronger than I think I am. 🙂

of course this isnt made possible without God’s grace. & my close friends for always being there for me, cheering me up and showing their  physical support etc. Geraldine, Marvin, Edwin, Aloysius, Shalini, Brandon, Cindy (just to name a few).



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