Dont settle for anything less than God’s best

today’s post is about something that really means a lot to me. Sermon in church was about Godly dating. 

In a nutshell, the dating advice which was given:

1. Christ must be the centre of our lives.

2. Treat the other person as your neighbor.

In the bible, one of the ten commandments is to love our neighbours as ourselves. God’s love flows to us so we can go beyond our human capacity to love.

3. We need to be wary of intimacy in dating

(this is extremely important i feel, to know where the boundaries lie as a Christian couple).

4. Do not date a non Christian

(will they strengthen our faith, or will they push God who’s supposed to be the centre of our lives, out of the big picture?)

5. The person has to be committed in helping us fulfill God’s calling in our life

6. Date with the intention to get married

(this should be the utmost goal of a r/s. some people are in it just for the sexual rs that offers them the same pleasure that marriage couples engage in. & this isnt the way God’s people should behave.)

7. Consider your gift of marriage or singlehood in the view of edifiying and blessing the church of God.

(Would it help to build the church community?)

So actually marriage/singleness may be a gift from God, depending on what he has called us to. an advantage of singlehood is that we can grow more Christ like through our relationship with the church. we also would have more time, capacity and energy to focus on our r/s with Christ.

Marriage is not for our own gratification but to spur each other on to be more Christ-like. If we are dating, we should look beyond the physical. Is that person going to help us to become more like Christ? We have to look to the future with Faith. Do we have the eyes of faith to  see how gloriously transformed the person can be through the HS and us?

I’ve made mistakes time after time but this time round, I’m gonna let Him lead me. After all, I’m finding my life partner and it isnt an easy task. Not that I’m finding one right now at the moment because I really dont have the capacity for a r/s now. How can I, when i trusted someone and gave him my heart, only to have it brokened?

Anyway, today’s sermon really resonates with my heart and the tears that have fallen with every heartache. I believe that God has a calling for me- whether its marriage or singlehood, I dont really know but I will thoughtfully pray over it. & He shall reveal His plans in due time.


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