A summary of June

Started reading more often again ever since exams were over.

Time has passed by quickly this month. Just like how my vacation in Aus lasted for merely 5 days D:

Got back my results for Jan 2014’s semester but i ended up feeling sad at the end of the day..just bcos i dont have that particular someone special to share my joy abt my results with. it really is diff as compared to when you have close friends around.

caught Maleficent and Transformers for this month. Maleficent was really touching that my eyes became teary at certain parts of it. true love doesnt really exist, except between sisterly love. similar to the concept of Frozen. so was Maleficent evil? I believe she was good natured till the people she loved and truly cared about disappointed her and turned his back on her. this reflects the ugliness of human nature- how we are consumed by greed and the quest for something greater, more status, wealth, power and recognition drives us to the depths of despair beyond what we can handle. In this case, Prince Stephen’s achievement at what he wanted made him blinded towards even his own daughter and he eventually loses his sanity.Nevertheless the ending was awesome cos Philip and Aurora got together and Maleficent had her beautiful wings back. Yay to the ending of “they live happily ever after”  🙂

As for Transformers, well since it just came out I wouldnt want to spoil the show. It’s a show for people of all ages so regardless of how young or old you are, you should just catch it. New characters acting inside the show really brings up the humour another notch. If only I could have Bumblebee as my own car. It would be super cool! 😀 hahaha okay probably gonna take me a few years to get to the topic of getting a car so…

Last night I had a dream of someone from my recent past. & right now as I’m typing this, I recall having a dayre blog with the memories filled with part of the past journey tgt. so im gonna delete all those entries and revamp my dayre with a fresh new beginning to the 2nd half of 2014.

I’m officially a “full time” part-time undergrad since last friday. After being so comfortable with my full time job at my alma mater, I decided to finish up with my contract and spread my wings to fly. I have vivid memories of my time there as a student, and as an allied educator. It was really hard for me to say goodbye, it’s as if I was left with hobson’s choice that I had to leave, with mixed feelings of emotions and I had to fight back the tears.

I rmb 3 years ago, while I was still a polytechnic student, attending my church service, the Lord gave me a vision of my school. How timely it was! & I ended up working there, which I believe was by divine intervention. Changing the lives of the students, and making an impact on some of my colleagues- this journey was worth it.  With every journey comes sad memories and happy ones. I shall chose to remember the happy ones. Right now, I feel a greater calling towards the social service sector so I’m moving towards that direction. I’m really uncertain of what the future holds for me and it scares me at times but I know that He would provide for me.

Seems as if my summary ended up as a long post. oops. but its okay since my Dayre would have shorter posts/much condensed contents. Thank you for reading! 😀


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