My trip to Bangkok

Went with Yahui to bangkok for a 4D3N trip! Loved the hotel which we stayed in. It was pretty cosy and spacious and had the amenities we needed. Felt that it was pretty rush though.. because we tried to stick to our itinerary and had to make minor changes to it here and there.. tried cafe hopping for the first time ever in BKK and it’s mad tiring trying to figure out our way around cos we got lost somehow occassionally. cafe food is kinda pricey there somehow.. would have preferred to splurge more on clothes instead. hahaha. oh well, just for the experience! may try Mr Jones Orphanage and Mr Bean’s cafe the next time I’m at bkk since they will be more accessible and convenient.. πŸ™‚

didnt really buy that many clothes this time round too. laid my eyes on several outfits which I regretted not getting. All I can say is not to hesitate when you wanna get some stuffs cos the next time u want to get it, it may be gone. & make sure you try to get it wholesale to save costs. of course it would be good if your friends have the same kinda fashion sense as you! wholesale pricing is usually 3pcs and above…
went to Asiatique for dinner…. due to time shortage we didnt drink there. just bought souvenirs back and walked around a little. It’s a nice place to chillax. A friend recommended me to take the ferris wheel. I think I would, the next time I’m back at BKK πŸ˜€

Oh and if you intend to shop at platinum mall, go to 4th floor and below cos there’s nth much above those level… you can spend several hours just there shopping. I would suggest that you go to Pratunam market area first and the baiyoke gallery/red corner plaza to shop cos the things there are about 20% cheaper than in Platinum mall. Morning market starts from as early as 6am so be there early to take a look around! I think you can easily spend 1.5-2hrs just to shop thoroughly.. the stalls are outside Baiyoke Sky Tower/Hotel so you shouldn’t have a problem finding it.

Saeb Saeb was closed on 3rd and 4th July so we could only head there on 5th July. Thankfully didnt have to wait long for seats! and the store just opened around 9am when we went there so the food was pretty fresh πŸ˜€ I can never get sick and tired of their delicious wanton mee. The oil and pork lard they use really makes it so delish!!even when I was in BKK I kept raving about it to Leon, till he was also tempted but too bad he cant eat it since he was in SG. hahaha. πŸ˜› just google Saeb Seab Wanton Mee for reviews on that!

For those who intend to head to Central World plaza, u can go on the same day as your visit to platinum mall since it’s about max. 10 minutes walk away from each other. Central World has expanded and there’s a new extension of the mall called GROOVE. closes at 1am in the morning so it’s good for those who like to hang around and shop till late. You can find Marks & Spencer there, H&M, Coach, Jim Thompson just to name a few and of course wider dining options. Much nearer to Pratunam area than going all the way to Siam. Siam has got Siam Square (Som Tam Nua, Banh Khun Mae and Mango Tango are located around here) Siam Centre, Siam Discovery Walk and Siam Paragon so that can be easily covered altogether.

On our last night there after visiting Chatuchak Market, we went for Mookata around victory monument station. its about 3 mins walk away from the station. Go past Century shopping mall, cross the road and walk past the steak shop Eat Am Are. it’s just nearby! Ended our night by heading to Baiyoke Sky’s roof top bar at Level 83. The view was nice (though I still think Goldcoast’s level 72 has a nicer view with the surfer’s paradise beach view. haha ok im not biased! its a fact) and the 400 Baht ticket to the tower included a complimentary drink. Ordered one more round of cocktails after that and headed back to the hotel. Was so sleepy after drinking that I fell asleep on the sofa while waiting for Yahui to finish her bath. ended up not packing our luggages at all. hahah. and I woke up at 1+ am (sgt 2+) to shower before conking out on bed again.

so that pretty much sums up my trip to BKK. stay tuned for my picture blogposts which would be out by this friday πŸ™‚


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