Went into JB for a night trip with Cindy & Terence… did massage, ear candling and had wanton mee for supper. Mad hungry that I ordered medium portion of noodles. The plate was so small that the noodles and ingredients nearly spilled out! But the roasted charsiew was nice. Food was cheap too. Yums! Reached sg back at 3+ish in the morning. & for the first time since I passed my driving license in 5 months, I finally drove for a short distance before we returned the car. Felt a bit scared at first but managed to drive smoothly (according to Cindy who sat beside me as I drove). So yeaaa. Was really glad to be able to drive even if it was for a short while. πŸ™‚
Went to watch Dawn of the planet of the apes with Ken on Sunday. The show was better than expected! And I found myself tearing up at certain parts of the show. Somehow I think the fault in our stars is nicer because of the tear factor involved. Haha ok whatever~
So today was the first day of internship. Had orientation and was pretty confusing with the abbreviations used for financial assistance application forms. There were at least 4-5 different forms and certain terms. Didnt know the # sign means fracture in medical terms. And we always use it for hash tags on instagram hahaha. #somuchforhashtags

Felt sleepy at different times of the day and had a headache going on for about 80% of the time so I was struggling not to rest or fall asleep though I was very much tempted to! The rest of this week’s gonna be orientation too so I hope that it would just get better as time goes by and when I’m more familiar with the job operations. πŸ™‚

Time to sleep soon. Goodnight folks! πŸ™‚


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