Hello September,

Please be good.
As we reach towards the last few months of the year, I hope to be able to end it off well.
It’s gonna be week 7 of internship now. Time has passed by so quickly. & my savings are slowly depleting…
Still exploring my options ahead. May consider tuition since it pays well, till I start working full time which would probably only be from next Jan onwards or maybe after Chinese New Year if I’m intending to travel.


so I havent blogged properly for a while. even my dayre hasnt been updated for quite some time. last week was an extremely trying period for me. I think I broke down at least twice or thrice last week. sigh.. I’m SO tired from having to work and study at the same time that I’m about to get burn out soon. To think I’ve still got friends trying to encourage me to take Honours year. Yea, try doing Honours year when you have to work at the same time. T.T
thank goodness I dont have other commitments to attend to at the moment. just 4 more weeks to the end of internship. & I’m in the midst of deciding between two different sectors as to whether to apply for scholarship, or sponsorship. Well I probably wouldn’t know till after next week when I attend one of the briefings.

I dont even have time to think about socialising much these days. & plans are usually made in advance so I have time for school assignments. i really want to do more volunteer work but time is a constraint for now. probably volunteer more from end of sept onwards. okay my thoughts are really scattered all over the place.

I’m enjoying discovering more about myself now. 1 year ago, I wouldn’t have thought much about fitness but I started doing more marathons/runs ever since then. Just completed my first 10km Shape Run within 67 minutes. It was like a milestone/achievement for me because I was never a runner to begin with. & I didnt train at all. usually I would only run up to 5km but this time round I was pushing myself to go further. so glad I managed to finish it way better than I expected to! 😀 now the only problem is my toe nail which seems as if it’s gg to detach itself from the nail bed and fall off. no idea how to run regularly if its going to cause any problems.
stay tuned to my Dayre for more picture posts… hopefully they will be up tmrw!

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Internship & life so far…

For those who have been in touch with me, they’d know that I’ve left my job for slightly over a month now. I feel more connected with the world these days, probably because I’ve been reading up lots of info on the financial assistance schemes available for low/middle income people in Singapore and reading up on the news about the Pioneer Generation Package which is for older citizens age 65 and above.

Internship has been alright so far…I still feel exhausted at the end of every day. Think I’m getting older because the energy seems as if it’s gonna get sucked out of my very core. Just within barely 3 weeks I’ve seen so much that I haven’t seen in the 3 years of work at the public sector. I feel so burdened when I see the patients in the hospital and my heart goes out to those who were blessed with good health during their pre-morbid lifestyle. There was one day, I sat through a counselling session with one of the more senior staff. It lasted for almost 90mins and I felt like crying together with the patient’s main caregiver. Though I knew close to nothing about Mr. X, I could sense an overwhelming love that he had for his wife. & it touched my heart to know, how awesome and dedicated he was to her. I just pray that God would be kinder to them and give them better days (if not, comfort them).

So many things I wish I could talk about but due to ethical issues on privacy and confidentiality, there’s really a limit to what can be said here. I’m just thankful for the opportunities given to me, that opened my eyes to whatever the world has to offer.

Anyway, last Monday was a public holiday due to Hari Raya. So I met my two favourite people for brunch at Nook DIY House of Pancakes before we went to watch Hercules. The show is nice, though I wish it had been a lil more realistic. Couldn’t imagine trying out what Dwayne Johnson did to kill the wild animals. I wont even dare to pry open the jaws of animals with my bare hands man. 0.0
Met Zx & xue ying for dinner at town. It’s been so long since I last saw xue ying and Im glad we didnt really feel awkward around each other. & got too carried away that I forgot to take a wefie with Zx D: the last wefie we took was months ago man. I’d better remind myself to take a wefie with him this coming weekend when we meet!

Met ying for dinner at potato head folk along yong siak road. food was kinda overrated. ambience was cozy but got too noisy during dinner hours that it was hard for us to hear each other and talk over our food at the same time. the chips there wasnt too bad. tasted a lil like potato chips just that this was a fluffier version. will I come back? probably next time when its less crowded/noisy! But not anytime soon…there are other places I’ll wanna explore for now. 🙂
I love reading novels by Kristen Hannah. They never fail to make me tear. I’ve read a handful of her books now and somehow the concept always revolves around love and loss, death, friendship. I havent gotten tired of reading any. Some days I end up reading till the book is finished and end up sleeping late, getting lesser rest for work but its hard for me to put an interesting book down once I’ve started on it. I’ll be lost in an abyss of my own world for the next few hours till I’m done, or urgently need to attend to something. That’s what I love about novels. ❤

okay time to sleep sooon. guess the 5KM night run did make me feel more tired. goodnight!