so I havent blogged properly for a while. even my dayre hasnt been updated for quite some time. last week was an extremely trying period for me. I think I broke down at least twice or thrice last week. sigh.. I’m SO tired from having to work and study at the same time that I’m about to get burn out soon. To think I’ve still got friends trying to encourage me to take Honours year. Yea, try doing Honours year when you have to work at the same time. T.T
thank goodness I dont have other commitments to attend to at the moment. just 4 more weeks to the end of internship. & I’m in the midst of deciding between two different sectors as to whether to apply for scholarship, or sponsorship. Well I probably wouldn’t know till after next week when I attend one of the briefings.

I dont even have time to think about socialising much these days. & plans are usually made in advance so I have time for school assignments. i really want to do more volunteer work but time is a constraint for now. probably volunteer more from end of sept onwards. okay my thoughts are really scattered all over the place.

I’m enjoying discovering more about myself now. 1 year ago, I wouldn’t have thought much about fitness but I started doing more marathons/runs ever since then. Just completed my first 10km Shape Run within 67 minutes. It was like a milestone/achievement for me because I was never a runner to begin with. & I didnt train at all. usually I would only run up to 5km but this time round I was pushing myself to go further. so glad I managed to finish it way better than I expected to! 😀 now the only problem is my toe nail which seems as if it’s gg to detach itself from the nail bed and fall off. no idea how to run regularly if its going to cause any problems.
stay tuned to my Dayre for more picture posts… hopefully they will be up tmrw!


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