Serving in ministry has been popping into my mind since this year. After having been in my current church (ARPC) for more than 3 years. I’m someone who doesn’t like to be pressured into doing things & I prefer to do it slowly and with a willing heart. I used to fear committing to church activities because I’m afraid I would leave or be halfhearted about it. After giving myself for more than a year to think about what kinda ministry I’ld like to join, my preferred choice would still be music ministry (vocals). I’m not sure how tough it will be to get in. Anyway, singing has been one of my passion which I won’t easily give up on. Another ministry I’m considering would be mercy ministry and the women’s prison ministry. It takes a lot of compassion and empathy for the lost and, to those who have lose their loved ones. I need more spiritual maturity to handle these sensitive needs of the people. Another ministry I am considering is the children’s church because I love kids. haha. okay now that I’ve got 3 choices, I’ve gotta pray about them. There’s a children’s church camp thats gonna happen several days before my exam so I’m still contemplating about whether to sign up for that as a camp leader/helper. Somehow, I feel that I should sign up for it. In a sense it will at least give me a feel of how it would be like to join that ministry. Oh well. such a dilemma. :\

To be a servant, you need to have humility and a willing heart.


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