End of Internship

& so 10 weeks have gone by just like that.
Now that I’ve completed by internship, I’m one step closer to graduation.
Had an assignment to submit this week and honestly, I felt I didnt put in my best effort in completing it. On the night the assignment was due, I kept feeling tired so I took a short nap. But the nap ended up longer than short. to my dismay, I actually fell asleep for abt 6 hrs in a super awkward position on the couch! & I had less than 3 hrs to complete my assignment. so when I was on the cab on the way to work, I was finalising my summary and immediately submitted it using the comp at the office. It was a mentally exhausting and draining day for me. Started having a headache after conducting the ASG with my other intern. and this headache was throbbing for the entire day, even during night class it was still there. It became so unbearable that I had to cab home instead of taking the bus. Concussed after showering and slept for a good 10 hours+

After this internship, I’d probably focus more on my final module. Still thinking about whether I should get a part-time job in the meanwhile to sustain myself else my savings will run out sooner or later. & I’m still waiting for the scholarship interview (which idk whether it’s in Oct or Nov). hopefully not in Dec cos that’s the period of time when most travelling would be done. Havent exactly cfmed details of my year end travelling yet. meh. initially thought of heading to Taiwan for missions with OMF but its gonna be close to the last 10 days of the year so im not sure if i wna spend Christmas overseas. Havent really done that yet… and financially wise I’m afraid my budget wont be enough :\ If God is willing to provide then I would go.

there’s still so many things that I wna do! havent travelled enough, driven enough, danced, sang, exercise…. now that I’ve got the time. I’d better do as much as I can!
okay gotta end off here. gonna spend the rest of the week resting and tidying up my internship portfolio for submission. Goodnight everyone! 🙂


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