people ask me what I’ve been doing ever since the end of internship.
well.. lately I’ve been watching Kdramas online. Finished Witch’s Romance last week, and the final 2 episodes of My Secret Hotel this week. & of course doing my assignment. Its due in less than 2 weeks but I’m not gonna hand in slipshod work.

Somehow I feel that I work better under pressure. So I’ve to give myself internal deadline to prevent overestimating the time I have to complete different parts. I’ll usually do research and get as much information as I can before really de-chunking whatever I’ve gathered and organising them so it’s more coherent. & because this is my final assignment for my uni, I wanna do it well. Not sure if an A+ is attainable for this haha. Most importantly it’s about putting in your best effort to complete it so there wont be any guilt/disappointment when the results come back. I always believe in the “Do your best & let God do the rest” motto ever since my P6 teacher emphasised that years ago. 😀

Would probably blog less often since I’m supposed to be studying. Take care everyone! 🙂


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