For the week of 19-24, I’ve been feeling blessed. This week passed by real quickly, probably because of Deepavali as well. Managed to do a belated post-internship celebration with Alia & Ray on Deepavali. Went to FIX because it was one of the more centralised cafes that was Halal-owned. Food and ambience was pretty alright 🙂 It’s located at HomeTeam NS JOM-Balestier in case you are wondering… it was really good to not be stressed up over assignment while we were eating and chatting about our lives. before we knew it, the sky soon turned dark and it was time to go off.

Assignment was due the next day. Wanted to submit it before 2359 but I struggled a lot with the final question and almost wanted to give up when I couldnt form coherent sentences. Okay but I persevered and managed to complete it in the end. Phew! so thank God for that 🙂

Met Jm and Dine for xlb supper buffet aft my nightclass. A minor incident happened which made us uneasy. Thank God for helping us to get out of this situation and no compensation whatsoever was needed. It challenged our integrity and sense of responsibility… it was a relief that no follow-up had to be done the next day. Went to starbucks to chill there and talk for hours. By the time we reached home, it was already 4ish in the morning.

Met bestie to collect our Hello Kitty race pack. we bought Brooks running shoes too! I felt the pinch but it seemed like an investment that was rather worth it. Managed to save $88 on it, which was originally $220++. & considering that the design was a new release, Glycerin 12. teehee 🙂 I hope it can really last me through my future runs/marathons. At least for the next 3-5 years hopefully! haha.

Met Dine in the evening to collect the Great Eastern Women’s Run pack. my hands were so full that I had to empty lots of the contents of the bag to make space to fit everything in. went to smoothie king & had some hth talk there before we went Astons for dinner. was so tired that I napped almost the entire journey back…

I feel really thankful to be able to meet 3 diff grps of friends during this week. Cant rmb when was the last time I was able to spend quality time with them. Afterall, exam’s next mth so I’ve gotta start studying for it now. (not to forget my 3-4 runs next mth. I know I sound crazy. hahaha).

more blessings to come ^^


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