November in a nutshell

-Hello Kitty Run which failed because we didnt finish the run due to the heavy downpour. Apparently there were people who complained that they couldnt get the finisher’s medal because the race was halted. & when it resumed, there weren’t enough medals to be distributed to the finishers.

-Great Eastern Women’s Run (my second 10KM women’s run of the year) at a timing of 76 minutes which wasn’t that bad since I ran with twinnie and her colleague. However, they were unable to capture my end of race timing so I can only use twinnie’s as a reference. Most importantly, in a run, you have to go all the way till the end. It’s hard to gain the momentum back once you start walking. Running buddies are really awesome companions to stick with you till the end 😀

-Auditioned for Music ministry as a vocalist in church. After being there for more than 3 years, I’ve finally decided to commit to one ministry first. I’m really skeptical about joining a ministry because I always fear that I will leave the church (which happened at my previous church). But this time round after having been at ARPC for longer than I expected albeit visiting other churches every now and then, I’m trying my best to be a faithful servant.

-Got back my final university assignment and topped the class for it with a High Distinction. Which added more pressure when I studied for exams. Glad that I managed to complete my entire university course! Woohoo~

-Celebrated the birthday of my childhood friend of 19yrs’ at Marmalade pantry. She had The Entertainer app so it was a pretty good 1 for 1 deal for 6 of us! and shared desserts from Bloomsbury Bakers thanks to the cafe fest vouchers. 🙂

-Confirmed my “informal grad trip” vacation with my bff. We procrastinated for a year before deciding to go on a holiday together. Managed to get a good deal for our accommodation. Good in the sense that it’s cheaper than our airfare.

-Went for Illumi Run with twinnie. It was much more fun than Electric Run because the atmosphere was extremely hyped! Within ~1.5km estimated, there would be different splashzones where you get paint splashed all over you. It’s somewhat similar to The Color Run because of the “colorful at the end of the race” concept just that this is during the night so it’s much cooler and they have DJs spinning music at different points so you get to cheer and dance and party on the run! Had a difficult time washing my hair after that because so much of the slimy paint got into my hair, hardened into the hair spray texture. After two shampoos and a conditioning, my hair felt back to normal. So this concludes the end of November.

Hoping for a Decent December to end off the year well.


TGIF! Black Friday

Since US timing is nearly slower by half a day, it should be mid noon over there now. I almost “hyperventilated” when I went to and saw that Kindle was going for only US49! However it doesn’t come in with the build in light so paperwhite’s a slightly better version to get. Then again, would it be feasible to get a Kindle when I’ve got a Samsung tablet? I can just download e-books using that as well right? This reminds me how much I’ve under utilised my tablet so far since I’ve gotten it close to 2 months ago. Well I’m not really a tech geek to begin with. Hahaha.

So many sites are having sales now! More temptation to spend money like a flowing river stream eh? Hope everyone’s enjoying the Black Friday sales 😀


This week has been rather fruitful so far 🙂 Met Lini for dinner @ Assembly ground on Sunday, met my bff on Monday to plan for our holiday trip and settled our accomodation (phew!), met le bro Andy for super late lunch, quacky and Nick for dinner & chilling over beer on Tuesday, met Zarra for brunch, caught a movie at home on Wed, headed to USS with Sherms on Thursday thanks to the complimentary tickets he got from her. It was my first time being there. Sadly the rides I was looking forward to were closed/under maintenance but it was still fun 😀 & for Friday, I met Yaw for dinner at Ssikek and managed to catch up with her. We always have so much to talk about when we meet. She tells me tales about her work life ever since she graduated and got upgraded from a youth worker to a social worker. After hearing from her, I’m starting to dread having to work full time. It will be much different this time round since I’m no longer having night classes as a part time student. I think I’ll miss studying. Boohoo. The irony of it all.

Recently, I’ve been more active on Facebook ever since the end of exams. It upsets me when I see my friends arguing with their partners and publishing it for the whole wide world to see on social media platforms. I don’t understand why they have to air dirty linen in public. Oh well I cant do anything much about that can I? :\

Okay that’s pretty much how my week has been so far. Looking forward to Illumi Run tomorrow with my twinnie Dine! 🙂 Have a great weekend y’all ❤

Exams are over! Unofficially graduated :D

No words can express the relief I’m feeling over the end of my final year paper. Phew! I’ve been zoning out while studying for this paper and it has been a mentally exhausting journey. This academic year hasn’t been easy. Countless of times I broke down while doing my assignment which I’m proud to say for 3 modules (except for 1 boring module) I’ve consistently managed to get an A- on average.

Not sure how I’d fare for this paper because I really didnt know what I was writing down for 2 of the questions I attempted and regretted not choosing another question to attempt instead due to lack of time. I only had 10 minutes to complete my final question and managed to write three quarters of a page. This pales in comparison with my other questions which had an average of 2.5 to 3 pages worth of answers each. In order to get an A- for the overall grade, I’d need a 68/100. If my lecturer decides to mark leniently, I can more or less manage to get around that range. If he is more strict (I’ll need to score at least 59 or 60/100)then I can only hope for a B+ in the overall grade for this module. Not that the grades would really matter because I’m not intending to do honours year. The more I study, the less EQ I’d have. hahaha. okay anyway, whatever the outcome is, I’ll still be in the second lower honours range which is between 3.50 and 3.99. With a lower honours, it wont give you that much advantage over other peers. Graduating with a “Pass with Merit” sounds nice too huh 🙂 that’s if you get 3.20 and above.

Besides, I’d rather start working properly and gain that needed experience and start saving up for my future (to date I’ve self-financed close to $13,000 in school fees and I think that’s enough for me). No idea whether I’m going to step into another relationship soon but if marriage aint gonna be in the decks over the next few years then I’ll probably use it to further my studies and get a Masters abroad or something in Aus. Whatever God’s will for me is. 🙂

Right now, I’m gonna relax for a few days and probably get a temp job for next month to cover my expenses. I can’t really apply for a full time job yet till my grades are out mid of next month. Will be travelling next Jan so gotta earn some keep! Convocation’s next October so I’ll have to wait till then to don the hat and gown. But for now, I’m just contented and grateful for having completed my university education. Praise the Lord!

16 Ways To Identify Someone Who Is “Selectively Social”

Thought Catalog


1. You are very frank and loud at home or when you are with your friends but you turn into a timid shy ball when you are with people you hardly know.

2. You are the entertainer in your friends circle but you hate it when your friends expect you to entertain in front of a crowd of strangers.

3. You are very close to just one or two friends among your friends circle. With the rest of the friends in your circle, you are comfortable being you but you are not too close. 

4. There’s an uncertainty when you agree to keep in touch with people. There are days when you want to talk to people yet there are days when you don’t want to talk to anyone.

5. When your friends ask you to join them for an outing, the first thing you ask is; “Who…

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What We Really Mean When We Call Someone A Friend


Thought Catalog

Have you ever taken a moment to stop, sit back, and just reflect about life — the relationships you have, the people whom you share these relationships with, the friends you see and talk to every day?

We often take the word “friend” for granted. We call everyone our friend. We have friends whom we’re friends with just because we’re classmates, organization-mates, workmates, colleagues, blockmates, etc. We have friends with whom we exchange intellectual ideas and random facts with just to fill up a conversation. We have friends whom we talk to because we need something from them. And the list goes on. But what will happen when you’re no longer classmates or workmates with them? What’ll happen when you no longer share the common interests with them?

So, what exactly is a friend — a genuine friend? Try asking yourself: just whom among your friends are you comfortable sharing your…

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Tips on writing an academic essay.

Final post before my exams. 13 days left to study for it and I’m not really prepared. Time is running out. & my notes are still incomplete. Just when I felt so “sian” of doing notes, I went in to the student portal to check my grades for the final assignment and it shocked me beyond my expectations. So now I feel more motivated to study after looking at the positive comments from my lecturer and for commending my effort for this final paper. Thank God for seeing me through my final assignment in university! This wouldn’t have been possible if not for Him 😀 At the same time, I’m worried that I would develop some form of complacency about my results. I guess that’s the danger of doing well for assignments.


7 tips to scoring well in essays. I promise it would be less than 500 words. 🙂

#1: Keep your introduction short and brief.

#2: Your essay should have a consistent flow, well-organised and your points are coherent enough for the lecturer to understand. In your statements, you have to reflect your understanding by illustrating your points with examples, or citing research evidence to support your points.

#3: Of course you should stick to the requirements of the essay as well. For example, if your essay should be 10-12 pages long, the point is to make it concise and try not to exceed that amount. If you can stick to the word/page limit then you are concised enough. If you are afraid of exceeding, then insert appendices or annex at the end (but this is really time consuming). You may end up doing lots of research to backup your points but are they relevant to the topic you are going to mention? Would you be able to link back to what the question wants?

#4: Avoid repetitive points. The longer your essay is, the higher risk that you will end up talking out of point. Try to keep sentences short and sweet, not more than 1.5 lines if possible. Also, the essence in doing literature reviews stems in your ability to draw out the crux of your findings via summary and not just blatantly copy and paste from the abstract section of journal articles.

#5: The points raised should be unique enough/stand out from the rest, so that the lecturer will want to give you higher marks for that. Student A and B may take references from similar sources but if you take an extra step to identify or mention the implications of your findings, (eg; What additional insights have you got to offer/reflections) then it would be easier for you to get higher grades for the essay. This also helps to show your understanding and ability to reflect deeply.

#6: The vocabulary words that you use also does have an impact. The words that you use are the ones that gives weight and impact to your essay. “Leveraging on cost effective measures” would definitely seem more powerful than “using cost effective measures” and “tapping on resources that are cost effective”. can be your best friend if you use it properly and not change the meaning of the words that you originally wanted to bring out.

#7: Lastly, the conclusion for your essay is a summary of whatever you have discussed in the essay. Ending off the essay well is important as it succinctly brings out the main highlights too. This may be a saving grace for your entire essay if you *touchwood* screwed most of it up.


[p.s. 442 words. I kept to my promise. Thanks for reading I hope it’s been helpful! :)]

20 Best Supper Places in Singapore

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2am hunger pangs, we know exactly how it feels. Just one bite into a piece of juicy, succulent and tender fried chicken wing will suffice.

Singaporeans are obsessed with eating, so here we recommend the top 20 supper places that open 24 hours or late enough for a wholesome supper adventure. How about some piping hot thai steamboat to warm your stomach? Or why not slurp down a bowl of smooth and soft bean curd? Does a crispy, fragrant golden brown roti prata sound tempting too? It’s time to tickle your taste buds, foodies!

1)      Punggol Nasi Lemak (Kovan/Hougang)


Photo credit: Lim Ying Yu


Mee Sek Food Court

965 Upper Serangoon Road S534721

Operating Hours:

Daily 6pm – 5am

Closed on Thursday

2)      Niqqi’s The Cheese Prata Shop (Near NUS)


Photo credit: Zhi Peng


16/18 Clementi Road S129747

Operating Hours:

Daily 24/7

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