Exams are over! Unofficially graduated :D

No words can express the relief I’m feeling over the end of my final year paper. Phew! I’ve been zoning out while studying for this paper and it has been a mentally exhausting journey. This academic year hasn’t been easy. Countless of times I broke down while doing my assignment which I’m proud to say for 3 modules (except for 1 boring module) I’ve consistently managed to get an A- on average.

Not sure how I’d fare for this paper because I really didnt know what I was writing down for 2 of the questions I attempted and regretted not choosing another question to attempt instead due to lack of time. I only had 10 minutes to complete my final question and managed to write three quarters of a page. This pales in comparison with my other questions which had an average of 2.5 to 3 pages worth of answers each. In order to get an A- for the overall grade, I’d need a 68/100. If my lecturer decides to mark leniently, I can more or less manage to get around that range. If he is more strict (I’ll need to score at least 59 or 60/100)then I can only hope for a B+ in the overall grade for this module. Not that the grades would really matter because I’m not intending to do honours year. The more I study, the less EQ I’d have. hahaha. okay anyway, whatever the outcome is, I’ll still be in the second lower honours range which is between 3.50 and 3.99. With a lower honours, it wont give you that much advantage over other peers. Graduating with a “Pass with Merit” sounds nice too huh 🙂 that’s if you get 3.20 and above.

Besides, I’d rather start working properly and gain that needed experience and start saving up for my future (to date I’ve self-financed close to $13,000 in school fees and I think that’s enough for me). No idea whether I’m going to step into another relationship soon but if marriage aint gonna be in the decks over the next few years then I’ll probably use it to further my studies and get a Masters abroad or something in Aus. Whatever God’s will for me is. 🙂

Right now, I’m gonna relax for a few days and probably get a temp job for next month to cover my expenses. I can’t really apply for a full time job yet till my grades are out mid of next month. Will be travelling next Jan so gotta earn some keep! Convocation’s next October so I’ll have to wait till then to don the hat and gown. But for now, I’m just contented and grateful for having completed my university education. Praise the Lord!


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