TGIF! Black Friday

Since US timing is nearly slower by half a day, it should be mid noon over there now. I almost “hyperventilated” when I went to and saw that Kindle was going for only US49! However it doesn’t come in with the build in light so paperwhite’s a slightly better version to get. Then again, would it be feasible to get a Kindle when I’ve got a Samsung tablet? I can just download e-books using that as well right? This reminds me how much I’ve under utilised my tablet so far since I’ve gotten it close to 2 months ago. Well I’m not really a tech geek to begin with. Hahaha.

So many sites are having sales now! More temptation to spend money like a flowing river stream eh? Hope everyone’s enjoying the Black Friday sales 😀


This week has been rather fruitful so far 🙂 Met Lini for dinner @ Assembly ground on Sunday, met my bff on Monday to plan for our holiday trip and settled our accomodation (phew!), met le bro Andy for super late lunch, quacky and Nick for dinner & chilling over beer on Tuesday, met Zarra for brunch, caught a movie at home on Wed, headed to USS with Sherms on Thursday thanks to the complimentary tickets he got from her. It was my first time being there. Sadly the rides I was looking forward to were closed/under maintenance but it was still fun 😀 & for Friday, I met Yaw for dinner at Ssikek and managed to catch up with her. We always have so much to talk about when we meet. She tells me tales about her work life ever since she graduated and got upgraded from a youth worker to a social worker. After hearing from her, I’m starting to dread having to work full time. It will be much different this time round since I’m no longer having night classes as a part time student. I think I’ll miss studying. Boohoo. The irony of it all.

Recently, I’ve been more active on Facebook ever since the end of exams. It upsets me when I see my friends arguing with their partners and publishing it for the whole wide world to see on social media platforms. I don’t understand why they have to air dirty linen in public. Oh well I cant do anything much about that can I? :\

Okay that’s pretty much how my week has been so far. Looking forward to Illumi Run tomorrow with my twinnie Dine! 🙂 Have a great weekend y’all ❤


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