November in a nutshell

-Hello Kitty Run which failed because we didnt finish the run due to the heavy downpour. Apparently there were people who complained that they couldnt get the finisher’s medal because the race was halted. & when it resumed, there weren’t enough medals to be distributed to the finishers.

-Great Eastern Women’s Run (my second 10KM women’s run of the year) at a timing of 76 minutes which wasn’t that bad since I ran with twinnie and her colleague. However, they were unable to capture my end of race timing so I can only use twinnie’s as a reference. Most importantly, in a run, you have to go all the way till the end. It’s hard to gain the momentum back once you start walking. Running buddies are really awesome companions to stick with you till the end πŸ˜€

-Auditioned for Music ministry as a vocalist in church. After being there for more than 3 years, I’ve finally decided to commit to one ministry first. I’m really skeptical about joining a ministry because I always fear that I will leave the church (which happened at my previous church). But this time round after having been at ARPC for longer than I expected albeit visiting other churches every now and then, I’m trying my best to be a faithful servant.

-Got back my final university assignment and topped the class for it with a High Distinction. Which added more pressure when I studied for exams. Glad that I managed to complete my entire university course! Woohoo~

-Celebrated the birthday of my childhood friend of 19yrs’ at Marmalade pantry. She had The Entertainer app so it was a pretty good 1 for 1 deal for 6 of us! and shared desserts from Bloomsbury Bakers thanks to the cafe fest vouchers. πŸ™‚

-Confirmed my “informal grad trip” vacation with my bff. We procrastinated for a year before deciding to go on a holiday together. Managed to get a good deal for our accommodation. Good in the sense that it’s cheaper than our airfare.

-Went for Illumi Run with twinnie. It was much more fun than Electric Run because the atmosphere was extremely hyped! Within ~1.5km estimated, there would be different splashzones where you get paint splashed all over you. It’s somewhat similar to The Color Run because of the “colorful at the end of the race” concept just that this is during the night so it’s much cooler and they have DJs spinning music at different points so you get to cheer and dance and party on the run! Had a difficult time washing my hair after that because so much of the slimy paint got into my hair, hardened into the hair spray texture. After two shampoos and a conditioning, my hair felt back to normal. So this concludes the end of November.

Hoping for a Decent December to end off the year well.


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