Paths in life

For the past 6 years of my life, I’ve been questioning myself. Why did I give up on my past relationships? Why am I going into social work when it doesn’t pay as well as other jobs? When I was studying Psychology in polytechnic, there were many times that I wanted to withdraw from the course because I really struggled with research & stats. What piqued my interest was several community services and social work modules. I was motivated with the hope of pursuing an 18-months degree in social work from one of the top universities in Australia via distance learning upon my graduation from polytechnic. Back then it was S$40,000 so I had to save up for it.

One of my polytechnic lecturer encouraged us to pursue a career with the education ministry under the special needs track since we had some background in psychology. I decided to do mainstream education since I was more interest in that area. It was unfortunate that one month into my job, Monash stopped their partnership with the social service institute here. At that time, I asked God “why bring me thus far only to crush my hopes?”. I didnt know what He had in stored for me then. So, I felt like I had no choice left but to take up the social work degree at SIM. During these 3 years, I felt like giving up at certain points with so much going on in my life. Going through heartaches, leaving my job, transiting to a different church, regretting over not choosing to go to a Junior College instead of a polytechnic etc. All these has been a humbling experience for me that tested my morals and it has also certainly shaped me into a better person.

The amazing thing about God’s plan for us is that if we walk in obedience, He will take us further than where we’ve been, and beyond our expectations. That’s if we trust in His sovereignty over our lives. Why we leave certain relationships, take the path of the road less traveled we may not have the exact answer to these “Whys?” but we do know that God will provide a way out for us according to His purposes. God uses His people in ways they may not comprehend. He wants them to trust in His plans and say “Yes, I’m willing.”. It takes a whole lot of courage, to step out from your comfort zone and enter into the unknown. What are the giants in your life that will prevent you from stepping out with faith? Will you surrender everything to Him?

Right now it’s another transitional period of my life after graduating from Uni. To be honest, I’ve been too comfortable in a government job that I’m finding it difficult to set foot in the private sector now. Recently, there’s been several potential job opportunities but I’m afraid that I may lack wisdom to choose the one that best fits me. I’ve got about a month or even lesser to decide where to go. One thing for sure, when God closes one door, another would open for us. I’m so so thankful and grateful for His provision ^^


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