Thoughts of the (previous) day…

Its 1.51 am. A myriad of thoughts cross my mind. Yes, of all timing when one should be in deep slumber by now. Managed to meet up with 5 friends on the last weekend of 2014. The time spent may be as short as a couple of hours but all that matters is the company you’re with (:

I’ve made 3 resolutions for 2014 and so proud that I’ve manage to keep them!

1) Join at least 2 runs this year.
Completed 2 x 10KM marathons, and joined 3 fun runs such as Electric Run, Hello Kitty Run & Illumi run

2) Develop a stronger quality of friendship with the people around me.
Done that too! My focus for this year was on maintaining my long-term friendships. I really spent a lot of time with friends whom I’ve known/am close to for > 5 years. To me, a friendship that last is something that withstands the test of time, say 7 years or more? (since there’s a 7-year itch for relationships etc)
This was a challenging year for my best friend & I in particular but we sort of overcame it though we have our own set of imperfections.

3) Grow deeper in my faith and spiritual life.
I think I’ve grown quite a fair bit this year. Joined JFN in church and a discipleship group. Next year would be a whole new step of faith for me as I start serving in Ministry etc (:

Not exactly sure what resolutions to make in 2015 yet. Shall spend the next few days to think about it.
Have you fulfilled all your resolutions for 2014? Fret not, there is still some time left for you to do so. Don’t despair! (:

[p.s. I’ll try to churn out one final post of 2014 on the last day of the year.]


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