Review of year 2014.

The Chinese believe that if you are born in the same year as the Chinese zodiac for the year, you would have 犯太岁 (fan tai sui), and have a bad year due to a zodiac clash. 2014 is the year of the horse, and because my birthday falls before Chinese New Year on the year I was born, I’m considered to be a Horse baby instead of a Goat baby. But I’m not really superstitious about zodiac clashes so I was not aware about this thing till a friend of mine raised it up.

Anyway the main highlights of the year:
1) Finally obtained my driving license, a day before Valentine’s Day.
2) Travelled to at least 3 countries this year– Goldcoast, Bangkok and Malaysia. I love Australia so much that I would not mind going back there again year after year! 😀 Planning to travel more often next year if possible
3) Started cooking more often this year
4) Developed a new found love for cafe hopping
5) Left my job of 3 years at my alma mater as an educator for a career switch in a totally different area.
6) Completed my university studies, with stellar results for my final semester
7) Got shortlisted for a scholarship opportunity
8) Managed to fulfill all my 2014 resolutions for this year (: [refer to previous post before this for more information)

Still working on the resolutions for 2015. Till then, this marks the closure to year 2014. Let’s hope for a better life in 2015. Auld Lang Syne my dear readers. Thank you for being a part of 2014 (:

<3, Jules


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