There’s something on my mind that I wish to blog about. But I shall wait till next Thursday to share more with you guys. In the meanwhile, do be patient and bear with me.

[at-i-tood, -tyood]
manner, disposition, feeling, position, etc., with regard to a person or thing; tendency or orientation, especially of the mind:
a negative attitude; group attitudes.
position or posture of the body appropriate to or expressive of an action, emotion, etc.:
a threatening attitude; a relaxed attitude.
[credits to]

I’ve been wondering how some people can be so cheerful and jovial despite the challenges in life. They seem to be smiling most of the time, to the point that it becomes infectious and we catch on their positivism too. There’s something captivating about their attitude and positive outlook, that radiates on the outside and attracts others to them. You’ll agree with me if you find yourself more inclined to befriending them, as compared to those with a bad attitude towards life.

A person with a good attitude would be committed to finishing what they initially started on, whereas a person with a bad attitude would throw in the towel in the face of hardships without thinking of continuing off from where they left.

Our attitudes also determines how far we can go in life. I believe somehow there’s elements of positive psychology and reverse psychology that could alter our attitudes. Instead of thinking of what you cant do, think of what you CAN do. Seeing the best out of every worst possible situation you can think about is perhaps one of the keys to succeeding in tough times. Smiling in the face of your challenges definitely is something you wont be able to bring yourself to do easily. If we feel that we haven’t started off the year on the right note, there’s still time to make amendments. A change in our attitudes could lead to slow but sure changes in certain areas of our lives that has to be put right. It’s never too late to make that change…

I hope that after reading this, you will feel more encouraged to do something different. (:

Jules ❤


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