Turning a year older

Officially reached the early mid-20s oon 4th Feb. These days many people rely on social media to help them remember their friend’s birthday that the wishes dont really feel sincere anymore…so I hid my birthday information from my facebook intentionally, to see who would care & remember rather than just wish me for the sake of wishing. Besides, I’m no longer as young as my “forever 21” days so it aint a big deal too hahaha.

Spent day 1 of my birthday week by volunteering at a nursing home. Sang them songs, distributed Mandarin oranges and even chatted with several of the elderly residents. I felt so sad when I saw them there but tried my best to smile when I interacted with them. Day 2 was a day of running around- dyed my hair, did a new set of gelish manicure and took some passport photos, supermarketed. Day 3 was the signing of my job offer and the medical checkup (which took up my entire noon that I was so worn out after that). Day 4 was my actual birthday. & this is the first year since 5 years ago that I’m celebrating my birthday as a single. It feels different somehow but my friends cheered me up nevertheless :’) . At 12am, my bff texted me his wishes from UK and reminded me that he’s coming back in Apr, and shortly later my godbro, twinnie and a few others sent their wishes. Met my bestie for lunch and to sing Karaoke, and had dinner with my family + cake cutting after that. Day 5 was a detox day. Went to an anti-oxidant centre, then to the gym with bestie aft that, & ate Indian cuisine for dinner. On day 6, I met up with dine, drey, jm and Cc for lunch and went to meet Mini & Nana for dinner @ Buckaroo.

What touched me the most was that my friends who are currently in between jobs/still studying at this point of time got me some birthday gifts which I never expected to get. Thank you Dine, Marvin, Jm, Audrey for the blazer. Thank you Mini & Nana for the perfume, & my bestie who got me chocolates, some stationery, a photo frame with a pic of us and a handmade card. You guys made me feel loved ❤ This past week has been rather eventful and I guess the next would be a busy one.

Life doesnt feel much different than it was before, except that I'll have heavier responsibilities to fulfill now & I question myself whether I'm ready to take them up. Can I say that I dont wanna grow up? :\ I'll also be starting full time work soon after the first 3 days of the Chinese lunar New Year. Saw the list of job responsibilities and I can say it's gonna be rather challenging. Gotta get myself all ready and prepped up for the new year ahead! Have a great weekend y'all 🙂


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