Life in monochrome.

Dear march, I’m so glad that you’re over. You were a really challenging month for me emotionally. I can easily count the no. of days I cried and its more than half the dates on the calendar month for March.The only celebratory moment I had this month was my mother’s birthday. Every year we’ll usually have a meal together outside and a simple cake cutting at home thereafter. This year was no different from any year, except that I sponsored part of the meal because I had no idea what gift my mother would like. I’ve bought her bags and skincare products from my travelling so sorta ran out of gift ideas for the time being :\ Anyway I had my first paycheck too so it wasn’t that big a deal to give my family a partial treat.

There were many black days in March, and a less significant number of white days. Death is an imminent phase of sorrow and grief. Health hasn’t been good of late. & I was filled with so much negativity because of whatever I went through in March. Work wise, I’m trying my best to blend in & I know its not easy. Would definitely require more time before I can really open myself up more to the people around me. I know its really impossible to please everyone and some people may be hostile/less friendly so I’ve accepted that I cant please everyone and just be gracious to the people around me, and try my best to extend God’s love. Thankful for colleagues who have been patient with me and encouraging me when I feel down or inadequate as a newbie to the profession. Well at least they tried to understand instead of just passing their judgment on me 🙂

This weekend was Easter. Thankful for the long weekends and the chance to get out of the country for a short overnight trip in JB. I just hope April would be a better month than March was. I’m still getting over the events that happened in March and I know that one of it would take me longer than I ought to. In this month, I would have reached a year of singlehood. Yay to having unlocked a new achievement in my 20s! & it’s been close to 7 mths since I last went on dates…sometimes I ask myself whether I’m ready to start getting back into the dating scene. Perhaps I’ve already gotten used to being alone so it neither bother nor affect me as much as it did a year ago. Months ago, I thought I was so close to finding the right person but my hopes were dashed. I can’t elaborate much about it but let’s just say the right person is still on the way. Not sure how long more I’ve got to wait but I’m starting to prepare to welcome them into my life. But I probably wouldnt focus too much on that now since I’ve got other matters to take care of. Shall just take a step at a time and trust that He has the best plans for me. (:

PS. Whenever I feel really down, I’ll listen to K-LOVE radio ( It’s a really wonderful platform for you to be uplifted in your spirits with positive and encouraging music. It’s a good companion to travel around with. Just sharing (:


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