April seems to have passed by so quickly! & the first quarter of 2015’s just gone by like this.

This month I:
-officially started on my major medical discipline at work
-attended my best friend’s graduation. He won the SIM gold award, and also obtained a FCH (yes! the one I previously blogged about last time to help him raise funds for his Masters in UK)
-have started working out at the gym at my workplace
-stayed back at work late for several days to clear back log work.
-had several days of sinful feasting
-lost a kg without exercising much
-seemed to have lose appetite for lunch but I’m happy when I have time to lunch out of work with my colleagues.
-have started searching for vocal schools…trying to narrow several reputable and reliable ones.
-contemplated on joining dance again but I guess I’ll take a step at a time and go for vocals first.
-went for a Master’s degree course preview. Gonna pray and think about it further before I make any impulsive plans.

May’s gonna be an exciting month! motivated to lose even more weight cos ma cousin’s getting married! Yippie yay! 😀 & its the long weekends this week thanks to Labour Day holiday on 1st May. catch ya guys around some other time!

xoxo, Jules


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