Short but eventful

Went for a 5D4N church camp to KL last week, at Pullman Bangsar Hotel in KL. Theme of this year’s camp was “Prayer and the voice of God” and the guest speaker was Phillip Jensen. Felt really blessed and encouraged by the talks that he gave.

Was so excited for my first church camp ever since I become a regular attendee in church! Had the opportunity to serve for the opening service of the camp. Several glitches here and there but thankfully all went well at the end.

Food was awesomely good! There was variety in the food for each meal. Didnt help that it was buffet so I went out of control several moments especially when there was dessert available. Oopsy 😡

Went to explore different shopping malls on two afternoons during our free time. Played a real escape game at a newly opened shop in Nu Sentral mall, “Breakout”. Managed to finish the game with 3 minutes to spare. Teamwork’s really important! Had durian buffet at night. It was really good! Westerners would probably not be able to withstand the smell/taste durian. I’m not sure how it smells to you but I’m guessing its like blue cheese?

The next day, we went to Mid Valley Mega Mall which was a short 5 minutes drive. Time seemed to pass by exceptionally quick during the free time. The McDs there had banana toffee mcflurry. Bought it thinking that they would serve it in a Minion-theme cup D: which to my dismay was a normal ordinary cup. After a while, I became sick of the artificial banana flavoring. I still think that banana pie would win it anytime.

Had pizza, cocktail and some tapas on the last night of our stay. Played the charades game past midnight and the room was constantly filled with laughter. So thankful for the fellowship with my discipleship grp members who went for church camp too 🙂

Overall, the key points of the camp was to be contented with whatever I have, and to desire the aspirations of God for myself. God promises to give us the things we ask Him, according to His will and not out of our own selfish desires/passion. Prayer doesnt have to be lengthy, and we dont have to speak in tongues in order for prayer to be effective. When I attended the workshop on single Christians, what struck me was contentment, and also forgiving the people whom we find hard to forgive. There can be many non-believing brothers and sisters out there who are attractive but if He is not in the center of their lives, then getting into a relationship with them wouldn’t bring glory to Him would it?


May, oh may.

This is a delayed post because I drafted it halfway and couldn’t decide on what I should blog about.

Time seems to have passed by so quickly this month, & its nearing the end of the month.
Reflecting back on the resolutions I made for 2015, I’m more or less still on track and that’s a good sign of determination yeah?

I find myself lazy to step out of the house on weekends. Just staying at home to rest is pure bliss. & it’s a long weekend! 😀

The main highlight in May was my paternal cousin’s wedding! They had a church service in Dec 2014 in the states, and they flew back to SG for the customary Chinese banquet’s held on 31.05.2015.
I always feel inspired by Christ centered marriages, & its really by God’s divine timing that cousin Jo & his wife ended up together. Guess the wide age gap doesn’t really matter that much to them after all 🙂 & who would have thought that the children of 2 pastors from different countries, would end up being together? saw some of my old church people there. some looked really familiar but I couldnt recall some of their names too. felt a little nostalgic when they came and talked to me while I was helping out at the reception. My parents have been trying to get me to visit the church on and off. Maybe I should sometime this year. It’s been about 8.5 yrs since I left anyway.

On a happier note, I’m gonna be serving this coming weekend. Cant wait! 😀
Been feeling down on and off but this song’s been an encouragement to me. I hope it would be for you too! 🙂