when things feel out of control

weekends seem to pass by too quickly these days.. I’m already missing the long weekend last week!
managed to have a short staycation at a villa in Changi. it was a wonderful place to be at, to just forget about the hectic daily lifestyle and soak in good vibes ^^

my first Saturday shift went well too. though I didnt have cases to see, still managed to do some social reports/clear a bit of back log. rushed down to practice songs with my music team at church after that. it was tiring having to sing 9 songs since it was prayer and praise service but the songs were uplifting.

had some time after service to head to town and that’s when I came across an unpleasant incident from the past. my mood was badly affected at first, then it took a while before i felt i was able to control my emotions better. Just needa give myself more time to get over this. Hopefully there wont be any other similar episodes.

women’s conference with Jenny Salt is happening from 24 to 26 at church. & it’s the one thing im really looking forward to for this weekend. Hope everyone would have a blessed weekend!


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