You like them enough…

When you like someone, sometimes you just cant explain to others what exactly it is about them that makes you like them…… just do.

Yet you are afraid of rejection, afraid of getting hurt if you make your feelings known, or if they fail to reciprocate in accordance to your expectations.

So you just keep waiting for the right opportune time to show up, while making subtle actions by showing you care about them, are concerned via social media- liking their posts on facebook/twitter/instagram & the what nots. Hoping they will understand your feelings, hoping they are aware that you are paying attention to minute details as such.

Only to realise someday that a random person pops up on their social media. They seem really close with each other. & that horrible feeling of seeing him/her happy with that person makes you feel like s**t. Although you want to be happy for them, you just cant bring yourself to. Because you know that in your mind, there’s an ideal picture of just you with him/her, sharing moments of happiness.

Do I really like him/her after all?
& You start questioning yourself.

Well the answer is yes.

You like them enough to visualise being together with them in an ideal setting.
You like them enough to notice what they post on their social media.
You like them enough to feel that sourish feeling inside when you are not the one in the picture being all smiley or happy together yet try to convince yourself that as long as they are happy, you will be too (but thats totally not true).
You like them enough to know the fact that you cant stand seeing them together with someone else.
You like them enough to acknowledge that you have not put in the best efforts in trying to be a part of their life to make them happy.
You like them enough to gain self-awareness that you like them as more-than-just-friends.

Now ask yourself the following:
Do you like them enough to want to do something before its really too late, till they slip out of your reach?

There’s a saying that good things are worth waiting for BUT Why are you still waiting at the sidelines instead of doing something about your feelings?

All it takes is just a little courage and faith and a positive mindset that whatever the outcome may be, you tried to let them know, you tried to be upfront and forthcoming about it. That’s all that matters.


P.S. Its been some time while I thought of such thought provoking matters. Whether it is relevant to your context that I do not know but I hope this post has helped you to think through the process of liking someone at whatever stage you are stuck at from a friendship to starting a relationship. I’m coming from a really generic point of view and just giving my two cents’ worth. Peace out.