went back to my alma mater on friday night as they were having their Mid-autumn festival celebration.Couldnt make it for last year’s due to night class in my uni.

I felt good to be back even if it was just a couple of hours. 🙂
I miss some of the teachers. Most of my former colleagues still recognized me.
The moment my favorite student saw me and called my name, I couldnt help but grin. It was a pity we didnt manage to take a photo together…
Some of my previous students recognised me too, especially those who are in P6 this year. Just hope they do well for their PSLE and get into the school of their choice.

My ex boss aka current principal asked if I wanted to come back to work, as they have increased the salary. Hahaha. I told her I wanted to gain a few more years of working experience elsewhere before I ever come back into the education industry.

Walked past the Science lab where I used to conduct lessons, and my old desk in the staff room. It was strangely familiar, and so nostalgic, as if I’ve never left before. Yet it’s different because my closer colleagues who were my neighbors had also left the school.

The school managed to engage Jeffrey Xu, a local celebrity to be a part of the stage performances in the hall. Unfortunately I couldnt put his name to his face then. Even as I talk about this, I recall my CCA supervision over my gymnasts. How I enjoy watching over them during their practices, and trying to help them improve in their execution of the movements.

There’s just so much worth remembering. Though I’m no longer a staff there, my heart will always be there. I’ll always have fond memories of life in Pei Hwa- 6 years as a student and 3 years as an educator. & it’s also partly where I started my journey with Christ too.