Last blog post of 2015

So many things have happened along the way this year. Time has passed even faster than it did last year. Top 8 key highlights to summarize 2015.

-Travelled to Hong Kong with my bff after 8 years of friendship!

-Joined Music Ministry as a backup vocalist

-Received a job offer on the same day of my job interview and started work on the same day as my bff too

-Obtained a SNCS Level 1 Rock Climbing certification

-Attended two memorable weddings of my paternal cousins

-Officially graduated from my university course

-Signed up for vocal lessons and successful made it to the next stage

-Ran for my first half marathon- 21.1KM

Used to make New Year’s Resolutions each year but find it hard to stay on track because I dont have the habit of reviewing my goals monthly. Have been trailing behind in my “read the bible in a year” thing. I’m definitely going to catch up on it before I fly off for my next holiday. somehow even though im trying to clear the backlog, God’s word still fits into the season of life I’m currently in now. I’m sorry God for allowing other things to take priority. Help me to get back on track and set things right with you.

A main summary of 2015 would be this:

This year my focus was on maintaining my close friendships with the people around me, and also personal development- by serving others and also learning new things along the way. There were several points in 2015 where I was emotional- dealing with the loss of people I know, attending funerals; and celebrating weddings. Certain times self-doubt creeps in when I’m at work- honestly its tougher than I thought it would be. didnt think I’ll have to be on-call so soon when im < 1 year into the job, be the in-charge for planning Christmas and year end celebration etc. I think I’ve matured more in my thoughts now too, after getting so much exposure to the community. Health was significantly weaker than previous years. seems as if age is really catching up. doesnt help that im working in a germ and bacteria filled environment. Dad’s still worrying me with his condition- he doesnt want to go for surgery though doctors have recommended him to since Aug 2015. Apart from that, someone dear who have seen me grow up for the past 24yrs of my life is slowly slipping away 😥 and i get so emotional when I think about that dreadful moment. My love life wasn’t a big deal to me this year nor was it the utmost priority. I’m definitely stronger now after letting my heart heal and rest for about 1.5 years, and I’m ready to start dating seriously. Have been on casual dates on and off but I’m trying not to have high hopes because I dont know where these dates would lead to, or whether I’m being used by others as part of their agenda. I’m extremely cautious about dating people who have been out of relationships. I dont think its fair for them to date others if they are going on a rebound mode. Sorry I may sound old fashion but the people I date are those who I see potential in, to progress to courtship which leads to settling down. I’m not looking for someone perfect because that person doesn’t exist at all. If they are perfect, I wouldn’t need Jesus would I? So I’m just going to date slowly till I feel God’s leading. I’ll let Him write my love story 🙂

My focus for next year would probably be on prayer, strengthening my commitment in Christ and going for more self-development courses.