The month of love

So it’s the start of February, and it’s a leap year!

Gonna spend 1/3 of this month travelling in Tasmania. Excited for the trip but some apprehensiveness as well…just praying for journey mercy and a good time with my travel mates.

February is my favorite month of the year, not because it’s my birthday month but because its the season of love.

This year, I’m challenging myself to love people whom I struggle to love- people in my workplace, people in church etc. I find it difficult to extend God’s love to some people. I pray constantly that God will help me to manage my emotions and tolerance around people whom I find hard to love. No one said it was easy.

I’m a peace lover, I tend to avoid conflicts/confronting others. However if I were to have to confront someone, I need to do it in a loving manner. I need to exercise caution in pointing out the flaws/areas for improvements because I dont wish to hurt others.

Loving someone is never easy. It cannot be accomplished by mere human efforts…..




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