life as it is…

Been so long since I last blogged.

Blogging’s like a personal reflection which I make public.

It scares me sometimes, how much self-discovery I’ve made along the way.

The past few months have gone by rather quickly, and I find myself getting rather jaded, like a part of me has gone to idk where (not sure how to describe this exactly). The experiences I go through, people I interact with frequently, shape who I am right now.

Somehow I feel less positive and start having more negative vibes. I haven’t been praying as much as I wanted- like really seat down and set aside proper time to pray. I worry more than I should be.

I guess I’ll not be blogging till I’m able to feel more optimistic. Health hasnt been good of late. I’m nearly falling sick, cough’s sinking in and sounding rather nasal. Hoping and praying for a smooth on-call week.

I hope my readers would have a great week ahead.