Im supposed to be sleeping now but my brain isnt tired. I tend to think a lot at such a timing but my thoughts are something I cant really put to words. 

I dont like the feeling as if I’ve been taken for granted. In fact, I think no one does loke experiencing such a feeling. Sometimes I wonder if I’m self-centered, or whether I’m more on the receiving end. A talk with a couple of friends during our recent gathering made me realise that I’m really standing on an unstable ground now. Nothing is considered stable unless there has been a concrete plan set ahead. I constantly find myself asking “what’s next?”, “what should I be anticipating?” if it has been nato. 

Im frustrated at my abilities to internalize my thoughts to the point i think its not worth sharing at all. Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. All the time. Quarter life crisis really is sinking in. & my BFF’s gotten married this month. I hope our friendship wont take a drastic turn from now on. Yikes. 

Okay. Its 12.25am. I really should force my eyes to shut. Goodnight to whoever is reading this. 



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