Wake me up, when September ends..

I always associate this song with the month.

It’s the time of the year, where people gather to eat mooncakes and young children play with colorful lanterns. Best time of the year to buy mooncakes for my loved ones and friends too. After all, its a once yearly kinda thing hahaha. 😀

M & I signed up for MAD race just few days before the closing date (11 Sept), and the race happens in less than a month’s time. We couldnt meet the dateline for early bird special but thanks to my pri school friend, she had a discount code for the run. It’s gonna be our first couple run that we sign up for and I’m really looking forward to it haha. Because we usually dont run till as long as 7km. Time to push ourselves out of our comfort zone.

I’ve been taking health for granted till the recent months when I decided to do something about my health. I hope that I won’t have to go through long-term medication but part of me is still afraid that it’s stress induced by work environment. Oh well… its still a bit early to determine for now…..

Trying to get back on track with my QT and devotions. Let me know if there are any prayer points okay dear readers?

This month would be a rather productive month. Two weddings to attend with M, church conference talks, and more exercising (hopefully), several meet ups with close friends. I recently discovered something pleasant and I’ve been keeping it a secret for now. I wished that I could share it with someone, anyone but I promised to keep it underwraps for the time being till I have been given the permission to share. Just a few days more to go…..

I’ve taken a different perspective when it comes to what lies ahead. I’m not going to anticipate too much just so I don’t end up getting disappointment when things don’t go the way I hope it would. It’s not just about me and it shouldn’t be. I have to consider about how others are feeling too.

I’ll only get stressed if I think too much or too far ahead. It’s time to slow down and think about what I really want, and what I hope to achieve, and how others can be a part of it. I’ll try my best to take baby steps of faith.

Till then, take care everyone. I hope life will be good to us all.