Hello Oktober

Feels as if this month has passed by rather quickly.

So my “sister” finally got married on 15th October 2016. It was such a joy to be part of her bridal entourage, and to tekan the guys (aka make the guys play games for the gatecrashing).

Woke up early to prepare and reached her house to dress up, touch up on the makeup and start doing the prep work for the gatecrash. Most of the things went according to schedule.

Several of my friends asked when would it be my turn to get married. Honestly, it wont be anytime soon. Not until M has been conferred with his PhD and is probably financially stable. & if he hasn’t mentioned anything about future plans yet, then I wont bring it up either. I’m not in a hurry to get married since we’re still young but I have to make my own plans in saving up for my future. Considering this, I may start doing my Masters next year.

Went to see the doctor for my medical review. I’ve to continue with taking pills till I’m ready to try to conceive next time. That seems like a long long way to go. I hate having to rely on pills but I’m hoping with a change in environment next year, my body will react better.