Year end review for 2016

Time has passed by so quickly this year.

Quick review of what has happened this year:

  1. started experiencing quarter-life crisis (considering options in life)
  2. skipped the CNY celebrations by travelling overseas to Tasmania with a bunch of people I dont know during my birthday period
  3. Became a Service Quality representative for my department
  4. got attached in March 2016 🙂
  5. pursued vocals further till stage 3
  6. went to BKK in June and HKG in Dec
  7. became a bridesmaid twice this year
  8. attended about 9 weddings this year
  9. went for Bounceoff fiesta and completed a free fall jump from 8 metres high
  10. traveled to Genting with M and his family

I sincerely hope that 2017 will be a good year for us all. I’m saying this as I’m expecting several changes to happen next year. So goodbye 2016, hello 2017.