The first two months of the year has been passing by so quickly. Thankfully it’s sunk in to me that its 2017. I no longer write 2016 when I date documents. hahaha.

I’ve stopped working since the second last week of February. It was not an easy decision for me because I tend to get comfortable in certain environments that I’ve been in for a while. I’ve contemplated over this decision for about 3.5 months before I tendered. Some friends think that being there for 2 years was long enough. My colleagues however felt that I should have stayed longer for more exposure since 2 years is neither long nor short. To me, health is of utmost importance so in the long run, I would not want to compromise on it in anyway.

My former boss was nice enough to recommend some places within Singhealth I could explore should I decide to move to other Singhealth institutions.. .and was willing to help me liaise with the HOD of the social work departments there if I wanted to try out. She even mentioned to let her know if I wanted to come back. I’m really grateful for that 🙂 plus the friendships i’ve forged over the past 2 years.

These 2 years have been really a period of personal growth, a stretch of my limits and it forces me to think and reflect more although I try not to think a lot hahaha.

I’ve stopped my job search for a while now, after going for a couple of interviews. The waiting game for the outcome is always tough. Just two years ago, I had to make a choice vs passion or prestige and i chose passion.

Right now, its more of stability versus exploring something new. A matter of choices and decisions. Whichever path I take would influence my future so I gotta choose wisely.


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