About Me

10 facts about me:

#1: Sarah is my baptism name, while most people know me as Julia. Nicknames are Ju/Jules.

#2: I love visiting cafes & cafe hopping, especially those with unique dishes or food concepts. However, this can be a rather expensive hobby to maintain.

#3: I can become emotional when I watch dramas or movies but I still enjoy watching them despite knowing I’ll cry.

#4: I enjoy travelling and if I had loads of money, I would unleash the wanderlust in me/do humanitarian work overseas.

#5: I mention God often in my posts because of the blessings He has given to me; and all glory belongs to Him.

#6: I am left handed, so that makes me smart. (teehee! you gotta agree on this one)

#7: My two main love languages are Quality Time and Words of Affirmation.

#8: My favorite sports are cycling, kayaking and rock climbing.

#9: Intellectual people who can hold decent, non-superficial conversations attract me. But EQ > IQ is still better.

#10: I’m keeping my eyes open for “The One”. Slowly, but patiently.

#11: I’m an INFP. Although I can socialise, I’d rather think of myself as an outgoing introvert than an extrovert.

(Last updated: Jan 2016)


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