It’s been really long since I last blogged.

Wish I could say I’m out of the quarter life aka mid-twenties crisis.

I’ve changed jobs, hoping for a stronger sense of fulfillment in everyday life.

I’m working with special needs adolescents, helping them to ease into life’s transitions.

The irony of it when I feel as if I’m still transiting too.

Seeing people around me making progress in their relationships and careers have got me thinking about what kind of progress have I made. Half the year has gone by.

I keep telling myself to count my blessing, to not worry beyond whatever day it is and just live day by day. Oh well……



The first two months of the year has been passing by so quickly. Thankfully it’s sunk in to me that its 2017. I no longer write 2016 when I date documents. hahaha.

I’ve stopped working since the second last week of February. It was not an easy decision for me because I tend to get comfortable in certain environments that I’ve been in for a while. I’ve contemplated over this decision for about 3.5 months before I tendered. Some friends think that being there for 2 years was long enough. My colleagues however felt that I should have stayed longer for more exposure since 2 years is neither long nor short. To me, health is of utmost importance so in the long run, I would not want to compromise on it in anyway.

My former boss was nice enough to recommend some places within Singhealth I could explore should I decide to move to other Singhealth institutions.. .and was willing to help me liaise with the HOD of the social work departments there if I wanted to try out. She even mentioned to let her know if I wanted to come back. I’m really grateful for that 🙂 plus the friendships i’ve forged over the past 2 years.

These 2 years have been really a period of personal growth, a stretch of my limits and it forces me to think and reflect more although I try not to think a lot hahaha.

I’ve stopped my job search for a while now, after going for a couple of interviews. The waiting game for the outcome is always tough. Just two years ago, I had to make a choice vs passion or prestige and i chose passion.

Right now, its more of stability versus exploring something new. A matter of choices and decisions. Whichever path I take would influence my future so I gotta choose wisely.

Year end review for 2016

Time has passed by so quickly this year.

Quick review of what has happened this year:

  1. started experiencing quarter-life crisis (considering options in life)
  2. skipped the CNY celebrations by travelling overseas to Tasmania with a bunch of people I dont know during my birthday period
  3. Became a Service Quality representative for my department
  4. got attached in March 2016 🙂
  5. pursued vocals further till stage 3
  6. went to BKK in June and HKG in Dec
  7. became a bridesmaid twice this year
  8. attended about 9 weddings this year
  9. went for Bounceoff fiesta and completed a free fall jump from 8 metres high
  10. traveled to Genting with M and his family

I sincerely hope that 2017 will be a good year for us all. I’m saying this as I’m expecting several changes to happen next year. So goodbye 2016, hello 2017.

Hello Oktober

Feels as if this month has passed by rather quickly.

So my “sister” finally got married on 15th October 2016. It was such a joy to be part of her bridal entourage, and to tekan the guys (aka make the guys play games for the gatecrashing).

Woke up early to prepare and reached her house to dress up, touch up on the makeup and start doing the prep work for the gatecrash. Most of the things went according to schedule.

Several of my friends asked when would it be my turn to get married. Honestly, it wont be anytime soon. Not until M has been conferred with his PhD and is probably financially stable. & if he hasn’t mentioned anything about future plans yet, then I wont bring it up either. I’m not in a hurry to get married since we’re still young but I have to make my own plans in saving up for my future. Considering this, I may start doing my Masters next year.

Went to see the doctor for my medical review. I’ve to continue with taking pills till I’m ready to try to conceive next time. That seems like a long long way to go. I hate having to rely on pills but I’m hoping with a change in environment next year, my body will react better.




Wake me up, when September ends..

I always associate this song with the month.

It’s the time of the year, where people gather to eat mooncakes and young children play with colorful lanterns. Best time of the year to buy mooncakes for my loved ones and friends too. After all, its a once yearly kinda thing hahaha. 😀

M & I signed up for MAD race just few days before the closing date (11 Sept), and the race happens in less than a month’s time. We couldnt meet the dateline for early bird special but thanks to my pri school friend, she had a discount code for the run. It’s gonna be our first couple run that we sign up for and I’m really looking forward to it haha. Because we usually dont run till as long as 7km. Time to push ourselves out of our comfort zone.

I’ve been taking health for granted till the recent months when I decided to do something about my health. I hope that I won’t have to go through long-term medication but part of me is still afraid that it’s stress induced by work environment. Oh well… its still a bit early to determine for now…..

Trying to get back on track with my QT and devotions. Let me know if there are any prayer points okay dear readers?

This month would be a rather productive month. Two weddings to attend with M, church conference talks, and more exercising (hopefully), several meet ups with close friends. I recently discovered something pleasant and I’ve been keeping it a secret for now. I wished that I could share it with someone, anyone but I promised to keep it underwraps for the time being till I have been given the permission to share. Just a few days more to go…..

I’ve taken a different perspective when it comes to what lies ahead. I’m not going to anticipate too much just so I don’t end up getting disappointment when things don’t go the way I hope it would. It’s not just about me and it shouldn’t be. I have to consider about how others are feeling too.

I’ll only get stressed if I think too much or too far ahead. It’s time to slow down and think about what I really want, and what I hope to achieve, and how others can be a part of it. I’ll try my best to take baby steps of faith.

Till then, take care everyone. I hope life will be good to us all.





Im supposed to be sleeping now but my brain isnt tired. I tend to think a lot at such a timing but my thoughts are something I cant really put to words. 

I dont like the feeling as if I’ve been taken for granted. In fact, I think no one does loke experiencing such a feeling. Sometimes I wonder if I’m self-centered, or whether I’m more on the receiving end. A talk with a couple of friends during our recent gathering made me realise that I’m really standing on an unstable ground now. Nothing is considered stable unless there has been a concrete plan set ahead. I constantly find myself asking “what’s next?”, “what should I be anticipating?” if it has been nato. 

Im frustrated at my abilities to internalize my thoughts to the point i think its not worth sharing at all. Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. All the time. Quarter life crisis really is sinking in. & my BFF’s gotten married this month. I hope our friendship wont take a drastic turn from now on. Yikes. 

Okay. Its 12.25am. I really should force my eyes to shut. Goodnight to whoever is reading this. 



It’s been really long since I last blogged. [I think I’ve been saying it almost each time I blog these days]. & probably because I didn’t give myself time to reflect on how life has been.

When I have sad and gloomy days, its the nitty gritty things to be thankful for that makes me look forward to upcoming days ahead; because I know there are always high and low seasons in life.

So recently I went on a 4D3N trip with my mother to Bangkok in the middle of June. Had a bad case of diarrhoea on day 3 and 4 which nearly ruined the rest of my trip. Thankful for a safe trip throughout.

Last weekend was a staycation at Studio M with my bff and the rest of the bridesmaid gang. we held a celebration for her as part of her last few weeks of singledom since she’s getting married on 16.7.16 muahahaha. Brunch at food for thought, KTV, dinner and bachelorette’s forfeit (go to a table at a bar and get them to congratulate her on getting married soon)  and champagne plus cup noodles for supper, brunch the next day and trampoline park, chilling at macs before we called it a day in the late noon.

received a news this week that we would be receiving our salary adjustments and annual increments. though its not much but still thankful to have such entitlements when the economy is not doing well. unsure of how stable my position is for now since its 7 months more before the end of my contract. there’s somehow a sense of uncertainty in what I should be expecting next and I constantly ask “What should I be doing after this Lord?”

Honestly, I have many things to consider with regards to future planning and at this stage in my life, I don’t know what I should look forward to exactly. I’m just living day by day as it is and not having a specific plan scares me a lot more than I’m expressing it out. I tend to be a worry ward at times and need assurance from others. Trying my best not to worry so much or think so much about things that have not happened yet.

Thanks for being so patient in reading my post. (: