life as it is…

Been so long since I last blogged.

Blogging’s like a personal reflection which I make public.

It scares me sometimes, how much self-discovery I’ve made along the way.

The past few months have gone by rather quickly, and I find myself getting rather jaded, like a part of me has gone to idk where (not sure how to describe this exactly). The experiences I go through, people I interact with frequently, shape who I am right now.

Somehow I feel less positive and start having more negative vibes. I haven’t been praying as much as I wanted- like really seat down and set aside proper time to pray. I worry more than I should be.

I guess I’ll not be blogging till I’m able to feel more optimistic. Health hasnt been good of late. I’m nearly falling sick, cough’s sinking in and sounding rather nasal. Hoping and praying for a smooth on-call week.

I hope my readers would have a great week ahead.





Merry Christmas 2014!

Dear readers,

Here’s wishing you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas! May this be a season of love, joy and peace for you. This is the season to be thankful and contented with what you have. (:

Havent been blogging recently since I’ve been trying to apply for jobs. & recently made a 2D1N weekend getaway with my former work friends. We stuffed ourselves with food constantly. Which reminds me that its time to go running again with the pigging out from the past few days hahaha.

Scholarship interview passed two days ago and I’m not sure if I would get it. Maybe others who are still studying would deserve it more than I do. I’m still carrying a little hope that I would get it because there’s definitely an advantage to being a scholar in terms of opportunities and exposure to the healthcare setting. When I went into the interview room, I was initially nervous at first but relaxed when I saw a familiar face. The interview went on for about 20 minutes which was neither short nor long so it may be a good thing that I managed to tell the interviewers whatever that was on my mind. Thank you those who kept me in your prayers. I really appreciate it! ^^ After the interview, one of the managers contacted her HR staff to arrange for an interview directly with their organisation. If all goes well, I may end up getting a job there before the outcome of the scholarship interview is released in mid Jan.

Had a Christmas eve church service. Thankful that ZX came along for this service. I always find Christmas service meaningful because everyone is gathered together. At least 4X of the usual size of each church service Saw quite a no. of familiar faces as well. It feels good to be able to gather with fellow brothers and sisters to celebrate the heart of Christmas which is the birth of Jesus. After all, what is Christmas without Christ? Managed to distribute some gifts to my cell grp members as well…
& as usual, the food which was catered by Angelis catering was so good! Was quite full after one round that I didnt have space left to eat pasta. D: (oh man now I really sound like a glutton :x)
It was still too early to go home after service so ZX & I went to Star Vista to walk around. & we tried taking selfies with my Instax Mini8 polaroid. without the use of any close up lens with reflective mirror. It was so hilarious! our fingers were obviously not long enough to press the shutter. so I gave ZX my pen and he had to use it to aim at the shutter. After he clicked on it, he burst out laughing from trying to contain his laughter and our pictures turned out ridiculously unglamorous. We tried 2 attempts and the second one was better albeit a picture at an unflattering angle. So please, get someone to take a photo for you unless you are really a pro. hahaha.

Christmas dinner at my grandma’s. My youngest maternal cousin brought his gf over to join us for dinner. This makes me feel so old now & conscious about my own relationship status. lol. Well this probably isn’t my time for a relationship yet. But still it’s good to see the rest of my cousins growing up well. Let’s hope that everyone will be able to find a partner in the recent months ahead =D

Alright, shall end off here for now. Merry Christmas once again! 🙂